Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Story - Lunch with Rashmi

Rashmi shows her husband's friend more than she should.

Hi guys,

My name is Rashmi.I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to tell you,
about an experience that I recently had.I'm married and have been for,
some years. I guess you could say that the spontaneity has gone, from
my marriage. It's not that bad, really. I mean we still have,
regular sex, and we enjoy a lot of the same activities. It's just that
there isn't any excitement anymore, and I miss that.

Like I said, I'm married. I'm 5'5" tall and weigh 55 kg. I have long
brown hair and brown eyes. I have a pretty firm body that is shaped
proportionately (34C-26-35). My nipples get nice and long when I'm
aroused, so they're pretty visible through my blouse or shirt. I
could hide them by wearing a more substantial bra, but I kind-of like
it that guys can see them. So, I usually wear a demi-bra or
sometimes, no bra.

So, yesterday I was shopping at the grocery store. I was in the
frozen, foods section. It was pretty cold due to an over efficient
A/C at the super market and it made my nipples hard. I wasn't wearing
a bra, so my erect nipples were practically poking out through my
shirt when I ran into one of Rahul's friends. Rahul is my husband,
and it was his friend Sameer that noticed me at the grocery store.

I didn't mind that Sameer was checking out my nipples as he talked to
me;it was actually kind-of exciting. It was close to lunchtime and
Sameer invited me to join him for lunch. I was only picking up a few
items at the store, so I decided to take him up on his offer. So,
after I put my groceries in my car, I got in Sameer's car and we went
uptown to a restaurant that he'd suggested.

It was pretty warm in the restaurant, especially since I was wearing a
thick shirt cum blouse those with sphagetti straps. It was one with
a deep front that buttoned up in the front. I like it because it is
very soft and hugs tightly to my fairly large breasts, and I could see
that Sameer liked it too! I excused myself and went to the bathroom.
While I was there I decided to unbutton my shirt a little more. I
usually left one button undone, but I decided to undo two more. I
looked at myself in the mirror and I almost redid one of the two
buttons. As I looked at myself, I could see quite a bit of cleavage.
I knew that Sameer would like it, but I worried that I might be going
too far. When I made the decision not to redo the second button, I
felt a little rush of excitement!

I was right. Based on the number of times I caught Sameer looking at
my breasts, I'd say he liked it that I'd opened up my shirt a little
more. He wasn't really obvious about it, but we both knew he was
checking out my breasts. Well, that made my nipples hard, & I don't
think Sameer misinterpreted that sign! He knew that I was getting off
on him checking me out.

We had a pleasant lunch and when it was over Sameer invited me over
for a swim. He lived in one of those Raheja apartment complexes near
Sushant Lok that had a pool & he suggested that since we were so
close, we might as well take a half-hour and cool off. I didn't have
anything perishable in my car, and it was hot. I wanted to take him
up on it, but I didn't have my suit with me. I told Sameer and he
said that he had a couple of swimsuits that he loaned to company. He
said he was sure that one of them would fit me, so I told him I'd go.

When we got to Sameer's apartment he got me a chilled coke and then
went to find a suit for me. When Sameer returned he offered me a
choice of two bikinis. One had a thong bottom, and the other wasn't
much better! I gave Sameer the thong back and looked more closely at
my other choice. I knew then why Sameer said he'd have something to
fit me. The suit was a one-size-fits- all type of suit. It was a
one-piece, but didn't look like it would cover much. Basically, there
were a series of straps that held the top and bottom on. The top was
composed of two small triangles and the bottom was what is called a
Rio bottom. It wasn't a thong, but it certainly was not full coverage

I looked at Sameer and asked, "do you really expect me to wear this?"

He laughed and said, "there isn't very much there is there?" Sameer
suggested that I try it on in the bathroom, and if I weren't too
uncomfortable we'd go swimming.I could use a bath robe till I got in
to the water. "I'm sure that you'll look great in it," he said
encouragingly as I headed for the bathroom.

I pulled the bathroom door closed and undressed. When I had the suit
on, I looked myself over in the mirror. The suit was actually made for
someone a little larger than me, so it wasn't too obscene. Still, the
triangles of thin Lycra material were stretched tight over my breasts.
There was enough material to cover a fair amount, but there was still
plenty of me showing. There were two layers of material, so at least
you couldn't see through it. White is usually a dangerous color in
swimsuits, but with two layers of fabric I figured I'd be okay. The
bottom dipped pretty low in the front, but did manage to cover my ass
pretty well. I decided to be brave (and naughty) and give it a try.

Sameer whistled when I came out of the bathroom. I playfully spun
around for him, pretending that I wasn't doing anything to be ashamed
of, but we both knew better. We walked down to the pool since his
flat was on the first floor and put our towel gowns down on two white
long chairs. We had brought our cokes and beer down with us and we
just relaxed and talked.

There were quite a few people there for a weekday afternoon and almost
all of them were men, mostly college kids I figured. I don't know why
I call them kids, it's just something I do. I've only been out of
college for five years, yet I think of myself as being much older than
they are. I was getting off a little, catching the guys looking me
over. I can honestly say that I was the sexiest, most attractive
woman there; and I liked that! I was glad I wore the swim suit.

When Sameer and I had finished our drinks we decided to go for a swim.
We jumped in and swam a little, and then we just hung onto the edge
of the pool and talked some more. I'd been there for about an hour
and I decided that I should really get going. I walked down to the
shallow end and up the steps while Sameer hoisted himself out on the
side. I walked around from the end of the pool and met him at our
chairs. I noticed the guys all watching me as I walked and I felt a
little self-conscious, but it also felt good. When I looked down to
pick up my towel I saw why they were watching me. My two-layer suit
had turned completely transparent!

I quickly wore my towel gown around me as I glared at Sameer. "You
knew this would happen," I shouted at him! "I hope you got a good
look!" I stormed off towards his apartment as he followed pleading
his innocence. All I could think of was how those guys had looked me
over as I had walked leisurely in front of them in my transparent
suit. It was something I would have never done! However, part of me
liked it that they'd seen me naked! As I walked and thought about it,
my nipples got hard again!

Sameer let me in the apartment and continued to apologize. He
followed me all the way to the bathroom door. When I went to close
the door, I noticed that there was a mirror on the back and I got an
idea. I stopped short of closing the door all the way, supposedly so
I could still communicate with Sameer. I stood across the room from
the door and peeked at the mirror. If Sameer were to move a little
bit more towards the hall wall, he'd be able to see me in the mirror.

I was so hot thinking about Sameer watching me get dressed! I wondered
if he were smart enough to figure out that he could see me in the
mirror, and I found myself trying to lure him closer so that he would!
I needn't have worried about Sameer. It didn't take him more than a
few seconds to position himself so he could see me in the mirror.

I faced the mirror as I undid the halter strap that held my top up. I
didn't actually look into the mirror as I did this, but I knew Sameer
was watching as my breasts sprang free. I slowly turned away and bend
over as I slipped the rest of the suit down my legs, exposing my
buttocks to Sameer in the mirror. I took my time straightening back up
because I wanted Sameer to get a good look at my bottom!

When I was standing erect I turned around facing the mirror so that he
could see my frontal view, my breasts and my trimmed bush, I bent down
to put my legs in the panties when I felt his hands on my waist and
his naked hardness pressing right at the tip of my vulva entrance.
"Ohhhhhh ... Sameer ... are you crazy ... wh..what are you doing, ....
Ohhhhhhh ... nnnnoooooo ... !!!" I screamed in a whisper, my loins
were hungry for a man's stiff thick pulsating maleness, but I had
never ever cheated on my husband and though the tip of his hot
pulsating shaft felt heavenly, I straightened up with a jerk and
turned around, the head of his invading member came out with a plop
the heated wet walls of my vagina were unwilling to let it go but my
thoughts of my husband prevented me from continuing, when I turned
around I saw his fat throbbing penis for the first time and it looked
really hot .....

In the time I froze to look at his hard pulsating member he latched
his warm wet lips onto my left nipple which was long and hard and
aching and with his hand he squeezed the right breast "Uuuunnnhhhhh
.... no .. no .. no .. no .. Sameer .. sssssstop ... uuunhhhhhhhhh ...
this is wrong," but he kept sucking and I started loosing it
completely to him because my nipples are my weak point, once a warm
pair of lips come in contact with them I lose my senses completely ,
he lifted and put me on the counter on the side of the was basin which
was cool navy blue granite, and he dipped his head between my legs
bumping his chin against my pubic hair and then his hot wet mouth
engulfed my entire inflamed labia, my hands fell back and my whole
pelvis jerked up to welcome his jabbing tongue "Uuunnggghhhhhh ...
nnnoooooo ... please stop .. !!" I still protested to his deaf ears
.... his tongue was like a snake behaving like fish out of water
inside me and his nose was rubbing my aching clit driving me
absolutely crazy ... suddenly he got up and pushed his rampant love
muscle inside my throbbing pussy ... it slid in like a red hot rod in
one single stroke right to the hilt, "Ahhhhhhhhhh ....
yyyyaaaahhhhhhhhh ....!!!" I came gushing like a volcano as his thick
shaft stretched my molten walls and his pubic bone mashed against my
aching clitoris. My convulsing vagina sucked on to his quivering lance
like a warm hot mouth which made him climax too.
"Arrrrrrrrrnnnnnnhh hhhh ... !!" he collapsed as he held on to both my

I waited to catch my breath as my orgasm subsided for about a minute.

"Sameer just get off me you bastard, what have you done you no good
rogue " I screamed making him feel guilty for having used me and for
having cum so soon. I got down from the counter top, picked up my
panties and turned to face the other way. I stepped into them
hurriedly drew them up my thighs until they covered my bare pussy and
bottom! Next I pulled on my slacks and finished off by wearing my
shirt and buttoning it up in a hurry.

When I was done, I started for the door. Sameer jumped up recovering
as I reached for the handle, and when later I looked him over in the
hall, I could see that he had a nice huge bulge once again !! I loved
it ... that I had caused it to rise so fast! I told Sameer that I
thought he ought to take me back to my car.

When Sameer dropped me off, he pleaded with me not to tell Rahul what
had happened. I said that I wouldn't because it might just upset him.
"Anyway," I'd said, "If you try any such funny stunt again I will
definitely tell him ... is that very clear?"

After I got out of Sameer's car, I walked around to his side. I bent
forward and gave him a little kiss to thank him for everything. I
hadn't buttoned up many of the buttons on my shirt and my breasts fell
out ... one of them pressing against his shoulder as I kissed him.
Sameer watched open-mouthed unsure if he was allowed to squeeze them
one last time as I stood up and put them back in my shirt. Then I
turned and walked away! I liked him like this ... horny and unsure ...
and hungry for me.!!!

I didn't tell Rahul about what had happened. I'm not sure how he
would react, I certainly don't intend to tell him about the little
incident in the bathroom EVER !!! Then again, I wonder what he'd say.
What do you think? Should I tell him?

Hope you enjoyed!

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