Monday, June 28, 2010

Story - Shobha Softies

All girls don't get such a reaction from my body. This has happened only 3 times with my body when I met 3 hot chicks. One was a teacher, one was a class-mate (with a beautiful body odor) and last was a colleague at a software company. I will discuss my encounter with software colleague as others I never had an encounter with. I was a software engineer at a very reputed firm when I saw Shobha for the first time. I was too bored after 14 months of coding and no fun around. Girls around me were either married or were not so good looking or intelligent who would click with me. One day my manager brought in a few new recruits and was assigning them a trainer (experienced people like me). I saw Shobha in that crowd and Ohhhh my She was hot. 38 28 36.

Aaaaaoo the fox inside me was awaken from no where. My legs and hands went numb and my heart started throbbing. All I wanted to do at that time was to hold her melons tightly and give tight suck on her nipples. I don't know if my manager sensed this but he made another girl her trainer. I was disappointed. There is always something called destiny. That girl who was the trainer of Shobha got typhoid and took off. Now my manager had no other choice but me. I was jumping in my mind like crazy. My manager did our formal introduction and handed her to me for training. My heart was throbbing so fast that I could hear it. I was a little tensed if she would sense my wet feeling for her. I took a different approach than other trainers. I told her that lets go to coffee shop outside and get to know each other before training. She agreed. She was very friendly and she told me all her personal details that a girl would normally tell a boy on a first meeting. I reciprocated. While she was having her coffee she was looking only at coffee and my eyes were playing with her softies. I was literally squashing them with my eyes. We had a outing organized by the company. She didn't have many friends and so she was alone in her seat. I took the opportunity and offered to sit beside her and she accepted. It was two night and three day trip. We started at 7am and reached our first destination (waterfall)at 12noon. In this time we both were talking like crazy.

We had lot to discuss and she was giggling on all my jokes. Her bright eyes were really calling me. We reached the waterfalls and all of us started playing with waterfall. She was little timid as she had no girl company to go in and so I stepped in. We had water max till her breasts and water falling on us with not so great pressure. As we were walking towards the water fall she cautioned me that she doesn't know to swim. I got an erection under water thinking what all could I grab today while making her stand still in waters. Under the fall it was great fun. She was holding my hands for support with both her hands. We took turns to stand under the fall. I took more time under falls and she didn't like me keep her waiting and she used to pull my hand vigorously to come out and here

I used to get my touch on her softies. I used to enjoy this and never come out until she gave me at least 10 to 15 touchings. Same used to happen when she wanted to come out of falls as she used to get afraid soon. Suddenly she said that she wanted to learn swimming. I was like you cannot learn it in one day. But I sensed the opportunity and told her that I would teach her at one day. I took her to a remote corner inside the waterfall where no one was around. I held her ribs just below the melons and her thighs and told her to feel being on the water and floating. My rod was tight like hell. She suddenly got excited and started paddling her feet and hands. This was unexpected and I lost my grip on torso part. She started sinking and I quickly held her and brought her to the surface and cautioned her.

But when I held her from water my hand grabbed her right and her left was resting on my arm. Some liquid immediately ejaculated from my rod. She did the same act of paddling again and this time I lost total grip. I wanted to grab her sweet soft melons but as I had to save her I pulled her by her arm. When she came out I scolded her for this irresponsible act. I don't know what happened to her. She quickly embraced me in total fear of drowning. I started rubbing her back feeling her bra strip. She looked at me and apologized. In this position I suddenly remembered a kharajaro painting. Her juicy lips were like inviting me and I gave her a tight hug to say no issues and I'm there and gave a smooch to her. She was also enjoying and was engaging in this with me. Our tongue was rolling like two snakes on each other. I sensed this was my chance and quickly grabbed her left melon. She moaned. I wanted to feel her nipple which I did. Before she stopped me I quickly unhooked her bra while we were still smooching. I pulled her bra strap upwards and started squashing her bra less boobs with both my hands. I quickly stood behind her and again gave her a quick smooch from behind and comfortably was squashing her balls.

I got a little bolder and my hand went straight in pursuit of her cunt. She got all the more excited and started to press my hand even tighter on her boob and then my hand on her cunt with both her hands. I put my hands inside her panties to feel it nude. It was tight virgin cunt. I started stimulating her clit. She started moaning. Now for the prize I wanted to see what I long desired to see. Her nude melons and suck nipples. I unzipped her dress from behind and pulled it down. I came in front and was still smooching her and pulled her dress further down to see her naked boobies. These were really wonderful. I wasted no time and started sucking on them like a baby. She was caressing my hair (on my head). I squashed them sucked them and even tried to swallow them by sucking them inside. But they were too big for me.

We suddenly heard some voices and we stopped and quickly dressed and were talking general stuff when our team guys came. As they left she said I like you and I love you. I reciprocated the same. For the next two nights in the bus once the light is off I used to squash her melons and she used to enjoy it like crazy. We didn't have sex in this trip as it was not possible with so many people around. We started roaming a lot together as this hot chick was my girlfriend and she knew that I was good at foreplay but I wanted to give her my male so that she could play with it and feel it inside her pussy. I was waiting for such an opportunity. Many days had passed after our last enjoyment. We were watching late night movie in the theater as the deal was I would leave her to her hostel. I asked if she wanted to stay at my place tonight as my friend had gone home. She agreed readily as even she wanted to be with me as it was many days since we had it. After movie I was going crazy by thinking what all could I do tonight. I raced my bike to 110kmph and she got a little scared and held me tightly. We reached home in 5 minutes. We reached home and I asked if she wanted to eat or drink something. I'm a good cook so I can make anything with available stuff in kitchen. She said she wanted something to drink. I said how about some cold coffee. She agreed. She said she will make and I was to watch her. She was looking gorgeous with her ass and boobs having mouth watering shapes in her jeans and top.

She mixed milk, coffee and sugar in the shaker and started shaking it vigorously. I couldn't stand with her boobs shaking while she was shaking the coffee shaker. I just embraced her from behind with my hands on her abdomen and slowly kissing and sniffing her neck and biting her ear lobs. She kept the coffee shaker on the platform and started caressing my head. Her juicy red lips were inviting me. I gave her a tight kiss and headed straight to my fantasy zone - her softies. I squashed them. I took my hand to her cunt also but she was not feeling much as it was jeans. I quickly took her t-shirt off and then her pants. There she stood in her flawless body figure. My hard on caught her attention and she started undressing me. She caressed my rod. I wanted her to suck my dick today. So I unhooked her bra and removed her panties and went straight to bathroom to wash my dick. I brought back the cold coffee from kitchen and kept it on the table near the bed. I pounced on her and gave her a tight kiss and didn't waste much time on kissing. Today I wanted to try many things with her boobs. I grabbed it and started sucking it like a baby one by one. I took the cold coffee shaker and made her drink some cold coffee and kissed her lips. I poured some on her boobs to which she had a shivery feeling due to the cold. But she enjoyed it. I liked the coffee clean and poured some more and again enjoyed it sweet taste. I went to her cunt and poured cold coffee there too and started licking it clean she was moaning like crazy. I started sucking her pussy and she was moaning again. I did it for some 8 to 10 minutes. I asked her if she wanted to play with my rod.

She agreed. She was not expecting only to jerk me off. But was having oral in mind. She started stroking my dick which I enjoyed but I asked her to take it in her mouth to which she had that cute girlie way to say 'eeww'. I said I washed it for you sweet heart. I had to convince her like anything finally she agreed when I said I will pour coffee on my dick which she can lick off. She took it in her mouth. I poured some coffee on my dick which she enjoyed licking off. But for me it was pleasure & freezing. She was slow and I needed some speed so I said not like this sweety and I started to move her head up and down vigorously and sometimes deep in her mouth. When I put it deep I hold it for a sec or two. Once it was bit long as she was about to chock. She started coughing. I gave her some cold coffee and she was OK. I apologized and we continued our business. Some more foreplay and she said she wanted my dick inside her. Both of us were virgins. I knew I will be little ruthless in breaking her hymen. In first few strokes she screamed like hell but it was a very tight pussy. In the approx 8th attempt my 7 incher just rammed in her tunnel like a superfast train. She screamed like hell but I covered her mouth and gave a tight smooch.

I silenced her and showed her the blood on my dick. She asked me to clean it and I did. I came back and inserted my penis in her vagina and started stroking. She was enjoying it like crazy. She was enjoying my manly vigor. She enjoyed all my ruthlessness till now. She was moaning aaaaa uuummm wooooow adi woow aaaa fuck me baby fuck me harder harder uuuuummm faster baby faster. I was stroking as per her demand and was enjoying playing with her boobs. I was squashing it like hell and all vigor that I was showing in my strokes inside her was shown in pressing her boobs too. To my surprise she cummed before me. She was like something is happening, something is coming aaaaa uuuuummm aaaaaaaaaa huhhhhhh..She was relaxed but i was not over. I had many more strokes to go so I stimulated her again with my vigours strokes. I increased the speed and once again she was like ohhhhhhh adiiiiiii you are good faster faster baby. baby faster ummm aaaaaaa uuuuum. I was doing it like a sewing machine. I was about to cum. Till that time I was not moaning as I was busy with her boobs. I was surprised as foul language came from my mouth during my climax. I was like Oh my big boobed slut......I wanted to fuck you hard and squeeze your tits like this from the very first day I saw you - you slut. You sexy bitch, your hole was a nomans area which I've broken. We both climaxed simultaneously. But damage was done as she didn't like what I said during climax. She was quite the whole night then and she was not responding to my questions in morning also. I said I wanted to talk to her and we had a long discussion and I accepted my feelings for her earlier and now. But Shobha was a cool girl and she accepted my apologies. We had a few more sessions like this before we got married. After marriage I took her to Singapore for honeymoon. Even after two years of marriage now we fuck daily. She is really hot and irresistible even today for me. She is an understanding wife and a good life partner also.

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