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Story - King Bill And Chamber Maid Monica

Once upon a time, in a far away land there existed a kingdom called Usofa. The king of the land was called William. Everyone called him King Bill and his wife was Queen Hillary. They had one daughter, Princess Chelsea.

King Bill was a handsome man and every one in the land loved him. Queen Hillary was not only very pretty but was also a very clever woman. The king and his family lived in a big white palace. The vice regal was Albert. He deputises the king in his absence. Al and his wife Tippa also lived in the palace.

The land of Usofa elects its king and vice regal, as a package, every 4 years. And, if the king was popular, he gets elected for another term of 4 years; after that a new king is chosen. There were mainly two tribes in the land – Reps and Demos. A king could come from either of the tribes. There was another minority tribe called swingers; it is the vote of the swingers which determines who gets elected. King Bill was a Demo.

Usofa was the most powerful kingdom in the world and all the other lands looked up to it for guidance and worshiped the king. Despite all the popularity, the king was not a happy man. On this particular day he was in his chambers. The Oval room was where he conducted all his official affairs. It was quite early in the morning. None of the subordinates were around and he was sitting on his throne and was deep in thoughts.

He missed his previous position- the governor of a insignificant province called Ark. He was very happy there as he had a free reign of the land. Billy, as he was known had one major weakness, he loved oral sex. He loved his cock being sucked. It was more than just a weakness but an obsession. He could not control it. It was believed that during a normal working day, he will get his cock sucked at least 6 to 7 times. Because of his position, there was no shortage of takers who were prepared to oblige him. It was told that young chamber maids and other subordinates used to queue up to satisfy him. It was well kept as a state secret.

He was wishing that he was back in Ark and wished that he had his cock sucked regularly. He can’t remember the last time when he had oral sex. When he was elected as the king, one of the conditions put up by the elders of the kingdom was that he can’t continue in the same old merry way. He has kept up his promise until now. He was not sure how long he would be able to. Suddenly some one opened the door and came into the room. No one was supposed to enter the room without permission. He was annoyed but when he looked up he saw a chamber maid standing at the door. She was quite young, in her early 20s and was quite pretty in her own way.

“I am sorry your majesty. I didn’t realise any one was in.” She was trembling in fear. “Come in dear; it is okay” he ushered her in. Hesitantly she came in. He noticed that she was a bit on the short and plump side. But one thing which was quite obvious was she had big boobs. That was his second weakness – he loved women with big boobs. She came closer to him. He noticed that she had the overalls worn by all chamber maids but it was quite tight fitting and her boobs and bum were quite obvious through the material.

He didn’t know what came over him; to hell with the elders. He had enough of it. He badly needed a suck. “Come closer sweet heart” She was taken aback by king addressing her in that manner. Timidly she approached him. “Come to daddy” he patted his lap indicating her to sit on it. She was not sure what she should do. “I was told that we shouldn’t do any thing like this by the chief of the staff.” He retorted, “Fuck them all. I am the king and I can do what ever I like” he knew that it doesn’t work that way but he was desperate.

Hesitantly she sat on his lap. She noticed that he was wearing a dressing gown. She suspected that he didn’t have any thing underneath. He put one of his hands around her waist and the other on top of one of her boobs over her apparel. He could feel the firm and big boob underneath the material. He gently squeezed it. ‘Mmmm it feels nice.” She smiled. “It is nice for me too” she cooed. She had her arm around his neck and bent down and kissed him on his forehead. He slowly undid her gown and to his surprise, he realised that she didn’t have any thing underneath other than her bra and panties. “Do all the chamber maids dress like you?” he teased her. “I just did it for you, your majesty” she retorted. He knew that she was just not an innocent aide.

Her boobs were enormous. At least DD in size. He was not quite so crazy about boobs that big; probably prefer to be just D. He placed his hand and gently felt them on top of her bra. Mmmm not bad. Quite firm and rubbery. But it needed both his hands to hold on to just one. She was watching him closely. He laid his head on top of one of them. It was soft like a cushion. She gently stroked his head. “Oh poor baby” she cooed. He used this opportunity to put his hand around her and undid her bra straps. Her boobs popped out of their restrain. Wow. They were bigger than what he thought.
Smooth white mount with a large light brown round areola on the top and darker erect nipple right in the middle, poking up.

He took one of the boobs in his hands and started to squeeze it gently. “It is so big; I love it” he said while bending down and taking the erect nipple in his mouth. He sucked it. It had been quite some time since he has sucked a boob. How nice it felt. He sucked like a hungry baby. He could feel the nipple getting bigger by the minute as he kept on chewing on it. With one hand he held the one he was sucking and with his other he reached and took hold of the other nipple and stroked it. Monica loved it, "Oh your majesty; It is so nice"

She slid her hands under his dressing gown. She was shocked to find that he didn’t have any thing underneath. “Oh your majesty. You are naked!” she almost screamed. “Shh. be quite. It is quite early in the morning for any one to be around.” She felt his hairy chest. “Nice muscles” she remarked. He knew that he was not in good shape. Her hand gradually reached down to his cock. It was already half erect and at her touch it grew a bit more. “Mmm nice cock you have.” He loved the way she was gently caressing it. What she said next came at a shock “I would love your cock to fuck me.” He stopped sucking her and exclaimed “No way!” She was disappointed “Why. Am I not pretty enough for you to fuck me?”

“You go it wrong honey. I would have loved to fuck you any day under different circumstances.” “What do you mean?” she asked. He continued “I can't have sex with any one other than my wife. That is a promise I made to her and we both have abided by it” She was puzzled. "How about all the stories about the women you had when you were the governor?” “I never had sex with them. I don’t consider sucking the boobs or sucking the cock as having sex.” Even though she was young she knew it was a lame excuse but she didn’t want to argue with him. “Do you want me to suck your cock your majesty?” she asked. She knew even before she asked that they were heading that way. “Yes I would love you to” was his prompt reply.

He opened his gown while she got up from his lap and knelt in front of him. He gown was also open and the only piece of cloth she had was her panties. She was facing him. She looked up and smiled at him before bending down and gently started to lick the underside of the sac of his balls, while holding on to his cock with one hand. She licked it all over and she could feel the balls shrivelling and before he realised what was happening she had the whole sac in her mouth. Oh my God. He never had that experience. He thought it would hurt him but it didn’t. She gently sucked the sac. It was a divine experience something he has never experienced before. His cock was getting bigger under her hand.

After some time, she spit the sac out of her mouth and started to lick his cock. Starting from the base her tongue ran up the shaft to the tip and back again. Up and down she went. That was another new to him. Almost all women usually just took the tip of the cock in their mouth and suck them. But she appeared to be an expert and have lots of experience doing it. “You have done this before many times haven’t you?” he asked. He was holding on to the tuft of her bushy hair which came down to her shoulders and gently stroking it. She nodded and stopped for a moment to say, “I was voted as the best cock sucker at my high school.” He couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She had a sense of humour too. How much he would love to have fucked her. But, he had his principles. The precum was oozing out from the top of his cock and he was not sure how long before he was going to come

After licking his rod for quite some time, she licked the pre cum before she took the head of his cock in her mouth. Her mouth must be so big because she just popped it into her mouth and started to suck it like a popsicles. Her head went up and down sucking with all her energy. He closed his eyes and enjoyed every minute f it. His hands grabbed her mammoth boobs and started to squeeze what ever he could hold. They were too big for him to hold the full circumference of them. He started to moan.
“Oh honey I am going to come” and soon he started to shoot his cum. She didn’t miss a beat and kept sucking as she swallowed every bit of it in. She was surprised at the amount of his cum and despite trying to take in as much as she could, she couldn’t help a littler bit leaking out.

She kept sucking even after he finished cumming. He always felt his cock become quite sensitive as soon as he comes and likes to take it out of the mouth. But today, he didn’t want her to stop. She kept sucking until it started to shrink and finally it slipped out of her mouth. She looked up and smiled again. Billy was a very happy man. Finally, after so long he had his passion fulfilled. He didn’t care any more what the elders felt about. He could still keep it as a secret.

He lifted her from her kneeling position. She was surprised as well as disappointed that at no stage did he attempt to kiss her. It was just him. She didn’t mind that. He hugged her and thanked her for making him happy. She told him that she would be more than happy to come and suck his cock for him, now and then. Before any other palace aides could come, she quickly slipped her bra back and tied the gown around and left the Oval chambers.

If any incidents or characters in this story have any resemblance to events or persons you may have read about in the past, it is possible that it may not be entirely coincidental.

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