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Story - Kanchan Bhabhi's revenge

(As told to me by a friend)

My bhabhi (brother's wife), Kanchan is a fox. She is the sexiest woman
I've ever met and for many many years I have lusted for her. Not that
anything would ever come of my lust. My wife would kill me if I ever
acted on my lust for Kanchan and if she didn't my brother most
certainly would. I couldn't touch, but I could look and I did. I could
also flirt and I did that too.

Kanchan was aware of the effect that she had on me and it pleased her
to tease me every chance she got. I've never seen her in the nude, but
never the less I still think that I've seen everything she's got. Bra
less and in a low cut blouse she would bend over in front of me to do
something and I would be able to see all the way down to her navel. A
few times she even wore skirts, especially when we went for vacation
to Cape Town (Normally she wears Salwar suits or Jeans and T-shirts),
she wore a lot of short skirts and when she was around me, it would
ride up and I'd see the thong she was wearing. Once at a party she
came out of the bathroom and caught me in the kitchen: " Naresh honey,
do me a favor. Something has bit me on the thigh in the bathroom can
you see what it is?"

I turned and saw ... she lowered her Salwar and asked me to look
under the Kurta, I looked and I looked but couldn't see a thing, my
eyes were a blur, her thong had gone right into her bottom and I could
see two lovely tasty chikne round globes of soft flesh and more
distracting was the bulge from the swell that her swollen pussy made .
I mumbled, "L-looks okay to me" and hurried out of the kitchen before
I could get myself in trouble.

When it came to flirting she always managed to stay one step ahead of
me and take it to the point where I had to back down. An example: At a
party one night I said, "Damn Kanchan, you look good enough to eat."

"Then why don't you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Let's find some place private and you can eat me" & she lifted her
Kurta to the waist lowered her elastic held salwar to show me that
she was only wearing a skimpy thong."

We both knew that I wanted to, but we both knew that I wouldn't. Point
to Kanchan. Her mischevious lusty smile was the ultimate killer.

Another time I was dancing with her during the Saturday night dance at
the Gymkhana and she plastered herself against me. My penis, which was
already hard just from being in the same room with her, instantly
became iron bar hard and it twitched a couple of times and she felt it
and she smiled. I'd had just enough to drink to be bold and I said,
"It likes you."

Kanchan giggled and said, "No it doesn't. If it really liked me it
would come out and play." "He's just shy. Maybe if you tried to talk
him into coming out he would."

"I can do that sweetie" and her hand pulled my zipper down and she had
her hand inside my fly before I did what she knew I would do. I pulled
away from her and said for God's sake Kanchan youare my brother's wife
and now we should be getting back to the table. Point to Kanchan.

This went on for years. I have no idea what my brother thought about
it because he never brought it up, but my wife thought it was
hilarious. I didn't hide what was going on from her and she knew about
my flirty ways with other women and she looked upon what Kanchan did
to me as me getting my just desserts. Jaisi karni waisi bharni.

I have always believed that there is nothing wrong in looking at,
appreciating, and lusting after the ladies as long as you kept your
hands to yourself. My wife knew this about me and her attitude was simple:

"Look all you want, lust all you want, but don't you ever forget that
your cock is mine and only mine. I ever catch you letting some other
lady play with it and I will do a Lorna Bobbit on you only I won't
toss it into a field where it can be found and then reattached. I'll
chop it to fine pieces and make keema out of it UNDERSTAND." she
almost got hysterical.

My flirting with Kanchan came to an abrupt halt on my parent's
thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. My sister, Suman had decided to
throw them an impromptu party. My brother already had an out of Delhi
business commitment he couldn't get out of so he asked if I would pick
up Kanchan and take her.

"You don't drink much and Kanchan sometimes takes on more than she
should and I'd just as soon she not drive."

"No problem. I'll see that she gets there and gets home."

When Kanchan got in the car she was smiling, but as soon as she sat
down the smile disappeared.

"Where's Ritika?"

"She's spending a couple of days at her mom's."

"Sudden decision on her part?"

"No. It was planned before Suman decided to have a party and the
tickets were non-refundable. "

The ride to my parent's house was a quiet one as Kanchan spent most of
the trip looking out her side window.

The party was like most anniversary parties where all the guests are
immediate family and close family friends. There was no dancing or
music, just a bunch of people having drinks and socializing. About an
hour into the party I noticed that every time I saw Kanchan she was
looking at me with what I could only call a contemplative look. I also
noticed that she seemed to be drinking heavily.

We had been there about two hours when Kanchan came up to me while I
was talking to my cousin Tarun and tugged on my sleeve.

"I need to talk to you about something. Can we go some place quiet?"

Just then Tarun's wife came up and told him it was time to go and he
walked away to say his good-bye's. I turned to Kanchan, "What do you
want to talk about?"

"Not here, someplace a little more private." "I don't know where
Kanchan. This house isn't all that big and it is full of people right
now." "Come on, I know a place" and she gave my arm a tug and I
followed her to, of all places, the bathroom. She pulled me inside and
locked the door behind us. "Okay Kanchan, what is it that is so

She set her drink down on the top of the toilet tank and said: "I've
watched you watch me for years and I've always known what you were
fantasizing about. You would imagine me doing this" and she reached
for my belt buckle. I was so surprised that she had my belt undone and
my zipper halfway down before I got my act together and grabbed her hands.

"Why are you stopping me? You know you want it."

"Fantasies are fantasies Kanchan, not things you would really do.
You've had a little too much to drink and I don't think you know what
you are doing."

She picked up her drink and handed it to me, "Taste it." It was water.
Plain water with a twist of lime to make it look like a vodka tonic.

"I'm sober as a judge Jaanu" she said as her hands went back to my
zipper and by the time I had set her drink down she had my zipper down
and my pants around my ankles. I reached down with both hands to pull
my pants back up, but by the time I had the waistband in my hands she
had my penis in hers and she was licking the head of it.

One thing I try not to be is stupid. I never, ever intended to cheat
on my wife; I'm just not the kind of guy to chase after another woman.
But another woman chasing after me? Especially a woman who has been my
fantasy for years? A woman who already had my penis in her hands and
was licking it? It was something so far fetched that I'd never even
considered it. Yet here it was happening to me and I was going to say
no? To my credit I did say:

"Stop that Kanchan, this is wrong and we can't do it," but Kanchan
didn't answer me because her mouth was full and so I gave up the fight
and just accepted it.

Kanchan gave great head and I felt I was in Heaven. My wife did not
like oral sex, but she would occasionally suck my penis if I begged
and pleaded with her long enough. Even then it was more like a hand
job with a little mouth action and no way on God's green Earth would
she ever let me cum in her mouth. Kanchan on the other hand went after
my penis like getting me off was the most important thing in the world
to her. She licked and sucked, she played with my balls and she even
teased my anus with a finger.

Being used to my wife I tried to pull out when I was ready to cum, but
Kanchan grabbed me with both hands and pulled me back into her mouth
and when I erupted she swallowed every drop and held me in her mouth
until I was soft. She let my limpness fall from her mouth, licked it
clean and then looked up at me and smiled: "I hope it was worth the
wait jaanu." "Why? Why did you do that? I mean it was always just
flirting so why did you do this?" "Long story jaan and I'll tell it to
you on the way home. Let's go and say our good-byes and get out of here."

The first five minutes of the ride home was silent as Kanchan looked
out the side window and then she took a deep breath and slid across
the seat to sit next to me. "How much do you know about your brother's
kinky side?" "I didn't even know he had a kinky side." "Well he does,
and while a lot of it is harmless and I go along with him there are a
few things he wants to do that I have always refused to do. He is
heavily into porn sites on the net and he gets a major kick out of
sending nude photos of me or photos of us making love to sites that
will post them. He always blanks out our faces, but I would guess a
couple of hundred thousand people have seen my nude body or have seen
me and your brother making love or have seen me giving him head. I've
never cared as long as he made sure that no one would ever know that
it was me."

While she was talking she had unzipped me and worked my penis out into
the open and was stroking it.

"He also loves porn videos and one night a week he stops on the way
home and rents a couple. We watch them and go to bed and fuck like
rabbits until we are exhausted. The one thing he wants most and the
one thing I told him I would never do was fuck another man while he
watched and then joined in. He has kept after me for years and I have
steadfastly said refused. All of a sudden, about a year ago, he
stopped asking. "Hooray" I said to myself, he finally got the message.

"One day I was in Sony Electronics to buy a DVD player and I saw that
they had a sale on 'nanny' cams and on a whim I bought one. I got one
of the technicians to show me how to hook it up to a VCR and he sold
me what I needed to make the set up sound activated. You know, the
system lies dormant until a loud noise triggers it to turn on. Anyway,
since your brother likes porn videos I thought I would surprise him
with one he was staring in. I set it up in the bedroom on a Saturday
while he was out playing golf and I switched it off.

Monday, before I left for work I turned the system on so it would
capture me as I came into the bedroom when I got home from work, took
off my work clothes and then dressed for an evening of hot sex. I came
home that night, did a slow strip tease, put on a garter belt, nylons
and high heels and went downstairs to greet my hubby with a martini in
hand and an invitation to skip dinner and go directly to dessert. He
got home and I dragged him upstairs and fucked his eyeballs out. I did
the whole nine yards — oral, anal, vaginal and every position I could
think of, and then we fell asleep."

By the time she reached that point in her story I had to pull the car
over to the curb because her hand had me ready to shoot. She knew
exactly why I had pulled over and she giggled and bent to take my
penis in her mouth. As soon as her lips closed around my penis I let
go and just like before she swallowed every last drop. As soon as she
took her mouth off me I pulled away from the curb and continued on to
Kanchan's house.

"I still don't understand what this has to do with me."

"I'm not done yet honey. The next morning I woke hubby up with a blow
job and we had sex and then we both dressed and left for work. I
didn't have a chance to view the tape until I got home that night. The
camera worked great. The picture was clear and even the sound was
good. The only problem was that it wasn't me on the tape, at least not
on the first half of it. Apparently hubby dear had come home during
the day with two guests. That's right honey, guests, as in more than
one. I guess hubby got tired of me saying no to a threesome so he went
out and got someone else. I watched my hubby and a guy he works with
fuck the slut six ways from Sunday. She sucked their cocks and
swallowed their cum, she took it in the bottom, in the pussy and
bottom at the same time, in the mouth and bottom at the same time and
when they were done with the slut she changed the sheets on the bed
and the three of them left. The screen went blank and about ten
seconds later it showed where I came in."

"So tonight you took revenge?"

"I guess you could say that, although there is a little bit more to
the story. It took me a couple of days to figure out what I was going
to do. Your asshole brother came home one night with a couple of porn
tapes and asked which one I wanted to watch first. I picked one and
went over to the VCR and hit the PLAY button and then turned to watch
the assholes face as he saw himself on the screen. I told him I was
leaving him and that I was going to get a shark for a lawyer and take
him for everything he had. Long story shorten, he begged, he pleaded
and he promised it would never happen again and in the end I forgave
him and we stayed together. That was a year ago."

"So what happened that made you come after me tonight?" "I'll show you
as soon as we get to the house."

She made me a drink and sat me down on the couch in front of the VCR
and said, "First, I want to set the mood." She started humming and
doing a slow strip tease. When she was naked she got down on her knees
and crawled over to me and unbuckled, unzipped and pulled my pants off
me. She looked at the hard on that her strip tease had given me and said:

"I'm impressed. I thought for sure that having gotten you off twice in
the last hour it would take me a while to get you up again." She
turned around, still on her hands and knees, and said, "Come on honey.
I want you to take me from behind while you watch this."

She was wet and I slid right in even though she was tight. She took
the remote and turned on the TV and then the VCR and the picture on
the screen made me want to scream with rage. The only reason I didn't
lose my hard on was that Kanchan was fucking back at me and crooning:

"Fuck me baby, fuck your new slut. My pussy is yours now jaanu, all
you want, whenever you want. I'll even let your brother have his
fantasy of watching me fuck another man as long as that man is you.
You like my tight pussy lover? Fuck me Raje, fuck me hard."

On the screen I watched my brother and his friend fuck my wife. I
didn't see any hesitation in the way she sucked their cocks and she
sucked them in the same way that Kanchan had sucked mine — with gusto!
And she swallowed. Things she never would do for me she willingly did
for my brother and his friend from work.

"Turn it off. I'll watch it later, but right now I have to help you
get your revenge while you help me get mine."

I was angry, I was bitter and at that point only God knew what I was
going to do to Ritika when she got home. Kanchan knew what was going
on in my mind and she moaned:

"Forget her jaanu, I'm your slut now. Fuck me honey, just forget her
and fuck me hard."

I did and when I came and took my limp penis out of her she got up,
took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom saying, "I don't know
how many times you are good for Jaan, but I want you at least once on
that harami's own bed."

Given my past track record I would have thought I was done at least
until the morning, but Kanchan worked on me and she managed to coax me
to life again. Kanchan liked it from behind and I was on my knees
behind her stuffing my penis into her vulva when the phone on the
bedside stand rang. Kanchan started to pull away from me to answer it
and I told her to let it ring.

"Don't want to lover, it is probably your brother and as soon as I
pick up the phone I want you back in me."

I moved across the bed behind her and as she picked up the phone I
rammed my cock into her, doggy style. "Ohhh" she moaned and then, "Hello?"

"Hi honey."

"Nothing. I miss you and I'm horny as a goat. You caught me in the
middle of using my vibrator to take the edge off."

"Really? Oh you kinky devil."

"Just how nasty do you want me to be?"

"Give me a minute to get comfortable. "

She covered the mouth piece with her hand and whispered, "Not hard
lover, but not easy either. Make me moan, make me cry out, but try not
to cum until the end of the phone call." She put the phone back to her
ear, "The vibrator is a poor substitute for you jaan, but I have it
deep inside me. Do you have your penis in your hand? Okay, here goes.
I was horny when your brother picked me up and took me to the party
and you know me sweetie, I had too much to drink and I'm afraid I got
stupid. I let your cousin Tarun kiss me a couple of times, and uhhhh
.... and he ffffffelt me up good, ...... what ... no no not my pusssy
m-my breasts, I wore the lehnga choli and he unbottoned the fancy
buttons and the front hook bra and sucked on my hard nipples and I
kept saying it was wrong but he kept on and on ... what ... no he did
not touch my pussy. I was extremely hot Jaanu uuhhhhhhhh .... yes I
wanted him to touch me but I was afraid ..... ohhhhhhhhh(my cock was
sliding in and out of her while she was having phone sex with her
husband, fulfilling his fantasy) yes ... yes I wanted him to fuck me,
but your chachaji came along and broke things up.

"Oh yes, like that, a little harder, fuck me honey."


" N-Nothing ... I'm getting to that part. Your Chachaji saw what
happened with Tarun and he got me alone, gave me another drink and
then ran his hand up under my ghaghra and Kachhee and started
fingering my pussy. He undid the ghaghra and dropped it to the floor,
and .... ohhhhhhh ssslow .... what nothing I was putting my vibrator
on slow hehehehe .. he-he lowered my kachchee to my knees and latched
on his mouth on to my pussy, ohhhhhhh ... yes I sat down on the
toilet seat and spread my legs ... while he- ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes this
vibrator is fantastic ( I was feeling her breasts under her) I almost
lost it when —"Oh god, oh god, deeper jaanu, deeper. Push it in Raje,
oh god yes, like that."

"What? I'm being fucked silly that's what is going on. Where was I? I
was unzipping your Chachaji's fly when your brother butted in . Your
uncle slunk off and your brother said I'd had enough and he'd better
get me home. I was still horny and as we were driving home I slid over
next to him and started rubbing his penis through his pants. He tried
to push me away, but it is kind of hard to drive and fight off a horny
female at the same time."


"What do you think happened? I wore him down and he finally gave up

"Don't be stupid jaanu, you know where he is. I'm on my hands and
knees and he is behind me sliding his hard penis into my hot, wet
pussy. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, don't stop honey, don't stop. I'm
almost there, make me cum Naresh, make me cum, fuck me hard and make
me cum lover, make me cum. OOOH YEAH!" she screamed into the phone as
she came and seconds later I spent myself inside her.

We both fell to the bed and rolled over onto our backs and Kanchan
said, "Shit! I think my batteries just died." She reached over and
lifted my dead penis in her hand, "Yep, the batteries are dead and I'm
still horny damn it. I guess I'll have to find more batteries when you
hang up."

"Yeah Jaan, me too. See you day after tomorrow. Love you, bye."

She hung up the phone and muttered "Harami saala!"

"Oooo .... such language from a lady ....." I countered grinning at her.

She turned to me and smiled, "The harami thinks he just had phone sex
with me. I hope you don't plan on rushing home. I think I may be able
to recharge your batteries one more time."

"You might be able to, but it will be some time before you can try so
how about we use some of that time to educate me. You said he cheated
on you last year and that you forgave him. Why the revenge tonight
instead of a year ago?"

"Because he promised he would end his affair with Ritika if I would
just forgive him and give him another chance."

"What changed since then?"

"Ritika not being with you tonight when you picked me up."

"What was significant about that?"

"You said she planned her trip weeks ago right?"


"Well your brother's business trip was planned weeks ago also and I
don't believe the two of them being gone at the same is a coincidence,
do you?"

"I see what you mean, but it still could be a coincidence. "

"Yeah, it could be, but I'm betting it isn't and I know my hubby and I
know what will happen next if they are together."


"After this little phone sex thing that I pulled he will get it in his
head that it will be a kick to fuck Ritika while she is talking to you
on the phone. Ritika will call your place a couple of times and then
she will try your cell. If you listen real close you will be able to
hear something. Where's your cell?"

"Clipped to my belt and my pants are in the family room on the floor."

"Go get it. If I'm right you will get a call on it in a couple of

I went and got my cell phone and put it on the bedside stand and then
laid back to enjoy Kanchans attempt to recharge my batteries with her
hands and mouth.

"Where is my traitorous brother staying?"

"At the Holiday Inn, room 714, why?"

"When she calls me I want you to get on the phone and call the Holiday
Inn and ask for room 714. If you get a busy signal it will tell me all
I need to know, but first I need to make a quick call."

I hit a speed dial number on my cell phone:

"Hi mom, can I talk to Ritika please?"

"No, I guess not. She's on her way to see you. Said she was going to
visit for a few days."

"No, no need for that. Just tell her I called and have her call me
when she gets there. Thanks mom, bye."

I hung up and said, "She's not there. Her mother says she doesn't
expect her until the day after tomorrow."

"What are you going to do when she calls?"

"What are you going to do about Paresh?"

"Break it off in his ass. He had his chance and he fucked it up."

"In that case I'm going to burn Ritika's ass."

As if on cue the phone rang: "Hello?"

"Hi jaanu. I tried calling you at home. You behaving yourself with me

"Don't I always?"

"I miss you and I'm having horny thoughts about you."

"Horny thoughts? Like what?"

"I'm fantasizing being on my hands and knees with you behind me
sliding your hard penis into me."

While I was talking Kanchan had called the Holiday Inn and as she hung
up the phone she mouthed "Busy" and I shook my head to indicate that I

"Just how deep am I buried in you Jaan?'

"All the way and I feel so full."

"This would be a perfect time to have phone sex lover, except you
scream so loud when you get off that I'm afraid you would scare your
poor mother to death."

"No baby, she's at the neighbour's house with Bimla Chachi and they
are playing bridge and wont be back for some time."

"Let me ask you a question Ritika. Just how deep into you does Paresh
have his penis buried?"

Dead silence for a couple of seconds and then a very mad, "What the
fuck are you saying to me?"

"I'm saying that the private detective that I hired to follow your
cheating ass called me and told me that not only did he follow you to
room 714 of the Holiday Inn, but that the asshole you are with is my
brother. And also for your information according to your mother you
are not there and are not expected until the day after tomorrow. You
are finished you fucking whore and I hope room 714 is comfortable
because you sure don't have home to come back here. You can tell that
asshole brother of mine that when I hang up my next phone call will be
to Kanchan to bring her into this mess. You can also tell him that his
medical insurance better be paid up because I will be waiting for him
when he gets back" and I disconnected.

"Do you still have that tape you made with your Nanny cam."

"Sure. I kept it in case Paresh did a 180 on me."

"Can I get a copy of it?"

"You bet. What now?"

Well, you were trying to recharge my batteries and you could get back
to it."

"I guess I could, couldn't I?"

Just then the phone rang. Kanchan reached for the phone saying, "This
should be the panic call from the asshole."


"Don't honey me you bag of shit."

"You know damned well what I mean. Your slut just told you about her
phone conversation with her hubby. I've just finished talking to him
and he's sending me a copy of the report he got from his private
detective. In return I'm giving him a copy of the tape I have of you
and Ritika."

"No you cocksucker. I forgave you, you bastard and you promised. I was
dumb enough to believe you once, but I'm sure not going to do it
again. Don't bother coming back here. If I see you I'll cut your
goddamned penis off and shove it down the garbage disposal," and she
slammed the phone down.

"Okay, where was I? Oh yes, need to recharge the batteries in my
dildo. You don't mind being my dildo do you?"

"Not at all Kanchan, not at all."

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