Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Story - Bhanu

I am Krishna ( name changed) and like to express my visual experience of the sexy activities of Banu chechi. She was an elderly lady forced to satisfy many due to her poor condition. Chechi means elder sister and because of her age she was called like that. I was only 8 years old and studying in the 3rd standard and our family was a joint one with more than 30 members at that time. Being the youngest among the group I used to get special attention.There were 8 boys of different age and seven girls. All these were calling Bhanu chechi. Elder ladies and gents will call name Banu. Bhanu was an excellent lady with good manners and look. She used to talk very sweetly with all and used to take care of personal preferences of all. In short every body wanted Bhanu for some thing or other. Her structure was beautiful and complexion was medium. Beautiful shaped booty and throbbing boobs. When she come and serve the food on the ground all these boys gang used to look her boobs. When she bend forward the cleavage was well seen and these fellows were talking something which I could not understand. She used to wear a dhothi over an underskirt and blouse. With that dress the appearance was very sexy. The elder ladies of house used to say in mild tones that Bhanu is grown up and her dress code to be changed to Saree or an extra dhothi over the blouse. But some how nothing happened till the end. When she she walks the buts will shake to both sides and it was a scintillating sight to watch. She used to take care of all with out giving a bad feeling to any one. In fact she was more beautiful than all women folk of our family. The boys gang used to go around her and for them the permission was not granted by the elder group. So they wanted an anchor and I was used for that. I was not knowing the elementary things of sex at that time. But I used to convey the subject properly and they used to get the required things I believed. In addition to my own house boys their friends from other houses also used to assemble there and they were more crooked and cunning. They used to come only to go around her and enjoy. They also asked me to convey certain things and she got infuriated at times and asked me not to mingle with those scoundrels. I asked her what they told. She said you will not understand now. I too felt those fellows were not good. They started asking me whether I have seen her breast, thighs, naked body and that private part. I was so shy and tried to avoid them. Still they troubled me and one day she said I will teach those bastards a lesson. Things were moving like this and one day it so happened that she could not go and take bath in the pond in time. Time was getting late and she was preparing to go alone to pond which is a few feet away in the compound. One of the elder ladies told me to accompany her till pond and didn't allow her to go alone. I followed her with joy and we used to talk always. Suddenly I got an idea and asked her whether I can also take bath. She said no and objected to take bath during cold. I said only a body bath I will take and persuaded her to fall in line. I was interested to swim for some time. I had no spare dress and underwear. So I kept my trousers on the bank and started to swim naked. I never felt any shyness. She started washing her dresses one after the other and she was standing with a bra and skirt only. She called me to wash my body and then she wanted to finish bath. I requested five more minutes. I swam away from the steps and turned after reaching the other end. While I was approaching her she was changing the skirt and wearing a towel. In that process for a short while her front portion got exposed and I saw a dark thick bush inside the towel at the junction. Everything was immediate and she closed by towel and started washing my body. Since I was naked her palm touched every where and I felt inkling and slowly my small dick erected. She could not control laughter and she nicely applied soap on it and gave a gentle shake. I felt like some shock waves passing over the body and stopped all on a sudden. I finished my wash and she started. I have never watched her so closely and carefully till that day. The sight of the dark bush gave an anxiety in mind and I wanted to see it again if possible. So when she was cleaning her thighs by keeping one leg to top I was eagerly looking at it. But she was careful enough to hide it carefully. Then she went inside water and removed towel bra and cleaned the parts inside water. I was unable to see any thing but I could see her hands going to those areas. While coming out she wore the towel over her breast and both breast and hip was completely covered. From that day onwards my inquisity was increasing day by day to see that again. I don't dare to ask it to somebody too. One day when all the work force were away for some play a fellow who used to come home frequently came and asked me where are others. I told the matter. That fellow was a big fan of Banu chechi and when ever time permits he used to have chat with her. Some how I didn't find the usual indifference on her face when this fellow speaks. Not only that she used to laugh also hearing his speech. He said Ok and went inside to kitchen asking for water. The fellow who went to take water didn't come back even after ten minutes. So I went to kitchen and to my surprise the kitchen is empty. The outside door is kept closed with out latch. My anxiety increased and I went along the same door. The path leads to the annexe where house hold works are done. We never used to go there and it will be the meeting place of women folk. I went to the door of that and a mild sound was heard from there. I was sure that the fellow is inside.It is tiled roof and light rays will enter through the roof. I went to back side and peeped through the window pane gap. In dim light I was able to see him and to my surprise chechi is also there. I was stunned. He was pampering with her and asking some thing. She was objecting to all but he never left her and took her hand and kissed on it. slowly he moved closer to her and hugged her. She never objected and he continued to kiss on her face and his hands were moving on her buts, back and neck. Then I was taken back to see her putting his hands on her boobs. He squeezed them well she kissed on his mouth and gave a press on her dick. Then only I noticed a tent on his dress and she caught on it. He was restless and pressed his hip with her dress. She made a sound and told that he spoiled her cloth. A liquid was flowing on her dhothi and he was standing embarrassed. She said stupid unnecessarily troubled me. He made his dress right and slowly walked out. She went out and cleaned her dress and started her work. I didn't understand anything. I was anxiously waiting to see that bush. That also spoiled. From that day onwards one fellow came every week and some encounter happened. Even though I didn't understand the matter fully I could guess that she is aware of this in advance. Directly these fellows will go to the annexe and she will be waiting there. The young fellows completed their turn and all of them failed to do any thing properly. She scolded all and warned not to trouble her in future. Chechi was around 30 at that time and there were no one to arrange a marriage for her. She was sex starving and that is why she allowed these boys to have some fun with her. One day an elder brother who was outside came home and he was supposed to be there for a week. We had guest rooms at first floor and at out house. He preferred to stay in out house to avoid the rush. Chechi was asked to arrange the room for him. She went there and started arranging the room and he was closely watching her. I had permission every where and I also went along with her. He was commenting some thing about her structure and she was blushing and showing some gestures. He was asking when she will be free and what all are the programmes. During that talk they arranged some timings and agreed to meet. All other force will go to school in the town and I will be going to nearby one. I will reach at 3pm and some how their timing happened to be that. When I came back from school Chechi was not seen and I searched for her and ended in the out house. I could hear some sound and through a peep hole on the wall I was able to see both of them sitting on the coat. In his presence she was another chechi. Her talk, action,touches, jerks every thing was different and sexy. She was slowly leaning on his lap and he was rubbing her face to ankle. He often gave kisses on her lips and slowly untied her blouse and bra. It was a scene. The throbbing boobs he caught and smashed. The nipples were so big and he sucked them one after the other. His palm was moving over her belly, pelvis, thighs and again up. She was twisting her body and jerking at times.She held on his neck and kissed on the lip, bit on his cheek and slowly lifted her head from his lap. The dhothi was removed to sides and the panty was puffed. She inserted her fingers and took the shaft out. My god a small iron rod of 6 inches length. She took it in hand and moved her hand from top to bottom. The skin removed and bright red head projected up. She was playing on it and speaking to it, kissing on the tip and licking. He at this time untied her skirt and pulled down the panty. The room was dim and I could see the vague appearance of her bush again. It was like a thick brush. He just passed his fingers and pulled them up. Both of them played like that for a few minutes and she asked him not to late. He got up went to the table and took a balloon like thing and pulled over his dick.It was like a finger with balloon. I am seeing it for first time. She was kept flat on the coat and he slowly climbed over her. He positioned his dick to the bush and she helped to keep it inside. He slowly pressed inside and the entire thing disappeared in the bush. Then he started push with hip slowly and as the time passed the speed increased. She was telling some thing and he was asking some thing. Both were new to me. It went on for some time finally they joined together and she hugged him with hand and legs. They remained like that for some time and he got up. From his dick liquid was flowing and he went to bath. She got up made her dress alright, tied the hair properly and slowly walked out with out making any sound. I saw my small dick in projected position and took some time to settle. On that night I could not sleep for some time and the scene was scrolling in front of my eyes. The hard, black, long rod disappearing in bush and reappearing was some how not getting faded. For that matter even after 25 years it is not fading. He was there four days more and I got the opportunity to see four more shots. Every day the timing was same and I enjoyed it very well. On the second day he was lying on the coat and she sat beside him. She started to rub over his body and the hands got locked on the dick. Very nicely she took it in hand and it was lying like a lifeless object. Once the shaking started the sleep position ended and it got up a bit. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it.I have seen the calf sucking the cow for milk. It was exactly like that. For each suck the size and strength increased and it stood erect. She pulled it to one side by finger and left it. Like a spring plate it oscillated and stopped. She removed her dress and pressed one nipple in his mouth. He sucked it with pleasure. One after the other he sucked. Just to keep the dick its life she gave a shake at times. She was giving one after the other in his mouth and started to shever. Suddenly she climbed over him with two legs on both sides and lowered her pussy to the dick. He positioned it to the hole and she pressed on the dick. Again the same thing, The dick disappeared. She started to pump from top and he was requesting for more pressure and speed. He pushed from bottom and she from top. After few shots a nice sound was heard. It was like putting a stick in muddy water. She gave a grinding action with buts and squeezed the buttocks muscle and lied on him. No movement was there from the bottom too. They attained the position together. On that night I made an attempt on dick and it started paining and stopped. Third day it was still nice and the position was on the table. She sat on table and he was standing on the floor. She was at the edge of the table and kept two legs on the table in a spreded way. then I saw her bush well. I had not seen the other things. He went near to her pussy and with fingers kept the hair to both sides and it was like a combed head with separation at middle. I could see her opening and it exactly looked like a mouth kept vertically. One side is mustash other side is beard. The lips were black and thick. He just passed his finger over the lip from top to bottom a few times and slightly opened the lips. It was dark red and at the top I saw a piece of flesh. He pulled on it and it was elongating like a rubber. He slowly inserted his finger inside the hole and pressed inside. He took it out and sucked the finger and again inserted. Now he was keeping the opening spred and pushing finger up. He continued it and looked to his palm. A fluid started oozing from it and he applied on his dick. He never forgot to wear the balloon. He slowly inserted the tip two three times and pushed inside with force. She mourned and hugged him and pressed on his buts. He pumped a few strokes and a final with force and followed the press. I could see her muscle stretch and they remained like that for a while and separated. Fourth day he ate her pussy on the bed. She sat on his chest near neck and pushed her pussy in his mouth and he was licking, sucking and making different sounds like a dog drinking water. When she reached the ecstasy she lied down and he took position in between her legs with the foot on his shoulder. His pumping was terrific on that day. The position gives a spread pussy and the dick will go to the end. More over the day of separation was nearing and his greed was seen in the fuck. She really got tired on that day and when she walked out she was limping. Fifth day, the last day was a combination of all other items put together. He started by standing on floor and she lieing on coat and after few minutes he lifted her to his hip and she was jerking by sitting on his lap. He walked a round in the room and again kept her on coat and continued the hammering. Then she was kept in doggy position on coat and he climbed from back. On that day he jizzed on her face and boobs at the end. This was the first visual sexual lesson I got and as days passed on the same Bhanu Chechi gave me some lessons. Poor chechi got married to an old man at an advanced age and delivered a child. She was so good at heart and no one cared her properly. Afterwards I used to give some financial help for her and now I too have no idea about her. In my heart I have a place for her always

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