Monday, June 28, 2010

Story - Erotic Encounter Mid Air Flight

Hello Readers - I thought a lot about this before writing this incident that took place around 6 months back and decided to share my true experience that happened in a flight. I am a regular reader of all the "true" incidents that are narrated in the website. I am a detailed oriented person in work and life and hence my incident mentioned here is also going to be detailed. I hope you will have the patience to go through in detail. My name is Arpith, 23 years old, a very matured and handsome male from a very good family in South India. Did my education in one of the very prestigious institutions in India, worked initially in Singapore, London and now work for one of the big US Retail Companies as a top executive for the past 3 years. Have a lot of overseas travel as part of my professional responsibilities. Our BPO services were outsourced to one of the top Indian Software firms and I was bearing that complete relationship portfolio. The engagement with the Indian company started around 2 years back and I was given the complete responsibility to make it work. Traveled extensively to both Chennai and Bangalore.

The lead for the offshore services was a very smart young girl called Seetal (all names changed) 26 years of age, 5'3" in height, very fair, cute looking and married with hair length all the way running beyond her shoulders. She has a heart breaking smile which is enough to drive any man crazy. Her features are all very immaculate. She originally hails from North India and was a typical North Indian beauty but now settled in Chennai. Due to the professional nature of our jobs we have to interact daily and when I travel to India both myself and Seetal has to travel to other offices in South India - sometimes there would be other team members or most of the time it was just the both of us. However these trips would be only for a day or 2. Our topics of discussions were strictly professional with some personal family topics but both of us maintained the professionalism very much. As more and more trips became common, our interactions also increased and slowly started to flirt with each other but nothing more than that. We were very good friends where we could talk easily without any inhibitions. 6 months back we had to travel to Australia as my overseas office in Australia had to outsource work in the same field to offshore and they wanted to capitalize on the huge success that we had in US and also reap the benefits out of the successful team that was led by Seetal. So I traveled to Australia straight from US and she joined me directly in Queensland. This was the first overseas trip that both of were having together even though she had come to our US office twice earlier. Actually the place where we had to go was few hours drive - this was our fist trip to Australia.

This place did not have any Indians and hence we both were feeling a little out of place. The trip was supposed to be for 2 weeks. The first 2 days we were busy settling down, jet lag etc and then started our work there was a lot to be done in 2 weeks and we stayed late in office along with my other Australian colleagues and Seetal started drafting the plan for the transition activities. Every day we used to travel together from hotel to office and lunch with other Australian colleagues and then travel back to hotel also in the same cab. Flirting was going on at its best and all the time we used to go out for dinner the skins touched a lot and I could feel that she was also enjoying the same. There were many times that we bumped into each other and both of us would give a smile and pass by.

The penultimate day we were leaving was a national holiday and hence myself and Seetal decided to take a mini tour to explore the country side.The Australian colleagues gave us enough information and even volunteered to join us but we wanted to be on our own. Took a car for rent and with all the maps and information we set our self for a day of adventure and fun. We started talking about work, families etc and since we already had a very good rapport the conversations just flew by without any issues from one topic to other. We started talking about our family lives, at this time we were rubbing against other while walking thru the small towns with lots of touching each other something that both of us were enjoying. After a while we started walking like a perfect couple hand in hand, her hands were so smooth and out of nervousness it was sweating as well. I still don't know how we ended up walking hand in hand but that’s the way things happen in situations like this I guess ! Slowly the topic turned to our sex lives and she started to open up very much and her frustrations started coming out Her husband who as a top executive with a leading bank was not that keen in sex and was making love only once or twice a month and that too in a hurry and how she feels about the whole thing. Her husband was also traveling which made matters worse when it comes to family life, and he was not showing any interest on her, how that was effecting both of them. I really felt sorry hearing about the whole thing and wondered how he could do that to this beautiful young girl. She was at time in tears and I comforted her a lot, during this time we were in a park relaxing in a bench and Seetal was like a lover resting her head on my chest and myself with my hands over her silky hair and comforting her. I even handed over my hanky to wipe and clean her face.... We were getting emotionally attached with each other -something that I never expected. We drove to our next spot and it was getting late, but the topic never moved out of sex lives and family life. We discussed about how frequent we both made love, our prior experiences etc and the chemistry was building up faster. There were times that went through my mind as to why we never connected on these terms earlier enough

And the next day we were leaving, the only good thing was that I was also supposed to travel to Chennai with Seetal and stay there for 2 weeks till the initial transition was complete. We had dinner and then came back to our hotels, Nothing else happened and we waved goodbye and good night to each other. I was not sure as to what she had in mind and didn’t want to make any undue advances. The night I couldn’t sleep and all that happened were surfacing n my mind, the emotional bonding, the dirty talks etc. Night gave away to day and we both met at the lobby after breakfast and checked out and waited for the Cab to take us to Queensland, both of us sat on the backseat next to each other and started the 3 hr drive to the airport. Slowly we started talking about the previous day outing, the various places we saw and started to flirt again. I slowly put my hand on top of hers and moved even closer to her, now we both were rubbing our shoulders with our hand on top of my thighs.I took her hand and started commenting on the smoothness of her hand and made fun as to how she started sweating when I held her hand the previous day, she said she was very tensed that time...she had grown her nails and I asked as to why she was growing her nails and whether she used to masturbate. I could see the Sudden blush and shyness in her face and she said she doesn’t have any other ways to satisfy her sexual needs, at this time I really felt that she is very comfortable with me and I put my hand over her shoulders and moved her again closer to me and in a way that was hugging her. She was trying to say " the driver can see this thru the rear view mirror and let us keep the distance" well I said who cares about the driver who does not have a clue about who we are.... then we started cuddling each other and playing with each others hands and fingers and she he started getting goose bumps, I was having an erection and was trying to hide it very much. was wearing a jeans and that helped to hide it. Never realized that few hrs passed by so fast and we are enjoying the ride enjoying both the beauty outside with the scenic Australian panoramic beauty and inside feeling the Indian beauty. Arrived at the airport and checked in. Once again we were strictly professionals and in my mind I was only thinking as to why all these never occurred few days back where we had enough time and why it had to be on the way back where all opportunities were over and was so depressed ; at same time I was looking at the crowd waiting in the lounge to see whether there were any other Indians- to my sheer luck there were no one to take that flight back to Chennai. That was a big consolation for me and it gave me the much required courage as well but there was a big problem. As our bookings were made independently we had seats very far away. Both Seetal and me decided to request the crew to give us seats next to each other. We boarded the Qantas flight and the way we were interacting was just like a perfect couple and we made the request - the crew was very helpful and we could hear them saying to the other passengers that they are a couple and would you mind changing the seats - the other passengers were also accommodating and we got the seats to each other... wow...!! I was in cloud 9 that I could spend the next many hrs with Seetal by the side and the chemistry was already there. Both of us took 2 rounds inside the plane before we settled to make sure that there was not a single soul that was known to either of us. I just had to make the right moves at the right time but at same time being in a plane with full of passengers and crew made me a little scary as well. Well, the crew came through the aisle with blankets and we both took a blanket each - My brain worked and I kept her blanket by the side and wrapped both of us with the same blanket and I put my hands over her shoulder and said I will give you enough warmth - she was very scared as well and was trying to push me saying its very risky but I was not ready to give up. I hugged her inside the blanket and asked her just to just play along and everything would be fine.

She kept on repeating that she is very scared and I had to keep on re-assuring her that all is well and just be calm and kool. It was already 10 PM and we knew that dinner would be served soon, so the plane took off and dinner was served, I purposefully did not fill my stomach and was waiting for the cabin lights to be turned off. Both of us were talking about Australia, work etc. The anxiety and also the fact that it was inside an airplane with fellow passengers increased the adrenalin flow more... finally once the crew finished cleaning the aisle after the dinner, the lights were turned off. we both knew that we have to act matured and not kiddish or it could turn into a major fiasco. We did not make any move for another 1 hr giving time for everyone else to slowly settle down and go to sleep I was pretending to be sleeping and then made a quick round the aisle to have a good look at the neighbor seats - sensing that trouble is not in the making, I came back to the seat. Seetal gave me a naughty and sexy smile which I clearly remember even to date. I whispered into her ear that we need to talk softly and gently, I wrapped both of us inside the same blanket and put my hands across her shoulders.Her heart was pumping and I could sense that fear in her. I mustered enough courage and then slowly lifted her top and ran my finger through the tummy, she started tickling very much and said she felt good but at same time again due to fear she was pushing me out telling to wait for some more time so that everyone goes to deep sleep. I again had to convince her that everything would be this time, I pulled her closely and Kissed her, she was scared but then gave up and then we both started a deep kiss and smooch,,, I felt really good and we were locked for few minutes, it ended with a big wet kiss.... I kept on running fingers through her shoulders and also her back by making her lean forward and I could see the change in her facial expression that clearly shows that she was enjoying the same, she had her eyes closed and by this time she was also composed and the initial fear had died down. This gave me enough confidence to go ahead as well... I slowly lifted her top and pressed her boobs....It was much bigger than what I had initially thought... couldn’t believe that, it was 36 D which I confirmed with her. It was like a water melon waiting to jump out into freedom from the bra, I squeezed both of them.. she put her hands on top of my hand and asked me to press harder and harder.. I did oblige and started massaging the same...due to fact that we were inside the airplane had placed severe constraints on our movement and space and had to do all the activities within those constraints.

I massaged the same for over 10 minutes on top of her bra, she was wearing a satin black one and it was so comfortable to keep on massaging the same...I could feel her nipples becoming erect so much and my dick was in full attention by this time. slowly I removed the hook of the bra and she pulled it out through the arm without removing the top...she placed the bra inside her hand bag, now one Hazel was removed and I had full and complete access to her boobs, she was wearing a loose top and that made things a little easy... now I put my head on her lap, covered with the blanket and to anyone who sees this would think that I am sleeping on her lap with the head covered. Inside I slowly lifted her top and started licking her boobs and nipple, Seetal was enjoying this very much, her nipples were hard as it could be and I started sucking them, I could not move a lot in fear of someone waking and seeing us, so had to lie in one position itself and made sure that our bodies did not move either.... we both enjoyed the act very much, all the while, Seetal was patting my head or pushing my head more closer to the breasts indicating that I should do more.... I myself could not believe that this was happening...

She used to bend down to tell me how she was feeling …after a while I came back to my seat and she said she had never enjoyed this much fun and never felt this good before with her hubby at all. She even mentioned that her hubby never give attention to any other parts of her body apart from her pussy and he just wants to penetrate. Now the next task for me was to feel Seetal’s pussy and that very thought itself made me crazy, I was losing control but had to keep in mind about the surroundings more than anything else. I need to go under which was more difficult. I asked Seetal to open her jeans, the belt was creating a problem and she removed the belt and kept the same inside the handbag. This made it little easy, I unzipped her jeans and put my hand inside her jeans and moved towards the golden triangle. It was a clean shaven pussy and oh Gosh ! it was completely completely wet and I first played with her outer labia and then I inserted my finger inside, it just slid inside due to the lubrication and I started fingering. Seetal enjoyed this very much and she slowly started moaning... aaah it feels good Vivek, asked me to put in 2 fingers and I could see the clear change in her face. I have never seen this before and was very exciting to me as well. The most dazzling of all this was that when I had three fingers inside, she started moving up and down (like woman on top position) and because she could not go up, she actually slanted her body so that she was now sitting at an angle stretching her leg in full length and She could easily move up and down. she started moaning very much and I had to control her at times. She asked me not to stop the fingering, so the fingering along with her movement was almost giving her the sensation of a true fuck. The fingering and her movement - up and down continued for a long time and I had to switch my hand to the other one...

Seetal had multiple orgasm, her pussy was overflowing with her juice and I took it in my fingers and licked the same…it was so good …. and she fell on my chest like a lover and said she had never experienced something like this in her past 2 years of married life yet. Said I was a master in all these and she was enjoying every bit of it and asked me to continue till we reach Chennai. After a while of again settling down, now she turned to me and said she would like to play with me, my dick was fully erect all the while. She put her jeans in position and I opened my jeans. Again the belt created an issue, I actually went to the bathroom and cleaned my dick with water knowing clearly that she was going to take it in her mouth. To me cleanliness and hygiene are very essential things and very important. I came back after it was cleaned. At this time we could see some folks moving around and we both pretended as though we were sleeping. Seetal was on my chest taking a small nap and we took a break for 1 hour or so till everything was settled back... once we confirmed to our self that everything was fine, I woke her up and I opened the jeans, she slid her hand inside and took my dick in her hand and I just saw her wondering and asking me" What is this, cant believe it, it is so big “!! and she started comparing to her hubbies. I always knew that I had a comparatively big one, he is 7.5 inches in length and Seetal was shocked as her hubbies was only around 4-5 inches. It was also full of precum juice and she played with him for a while and then gave another naughty smile, she licked her hand with my precum and then slowly started making the rocking movement, I asked her to come down, since she was sitting on the side next to window she was not comfortable to lean to this side and so we exchanged our seats. Now she could comfortably come down, I wrapped her with the blanket and she was lying on my lap, she took the dick in her mouth and slowly pulled down the skin as well, I was overwhelmed with joy and was feeling great, couldn’t express with sounds and had to control it...

She was very good in taking it in mouth and did all that she could with the limited space available... once a while she used to come out of the blanket to check wit me how I was doing and give compliments about the dick...said she cannot take the full length inside the mouth due to the size and also space issue... she continued for around 20 minutes and finally I told her than I cant control anymore and I need to cum..she was all ready to take it inside the mouth and finally I cum inside her mouth... she licked my dick with her tongue and cleaned it well and we both were gasping. We both came back to our respective positions and was sharing our feelings as to how it felt for both of us and what a daring experience this had been inside a full flight ! we both took turns separately to go to bathroom to clean our self, I actually wanted to call her into the bathroom but dropped that idea taking into account the huge risk. We slept off as both were tired by now and few hrs have passed by. All along I had my hand inside her top as we always were covered with one blanket and I played with her boobs a lot.... during the course of the very long flight we again played with each other and she had orgasm and I did also cum again... with 2-3 hours to go before the landing we decided that its all over and we did dress up properly, from that time onwards we just held each others hand but nothing more than that... the flight landed in Chennai and her driver was waiting to pick her up. They dropped me in great grand hotel where the booking was already made and she drove away giving me a bye-bye with the promise of seeing me next day in office.

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