Friday, July 2, 2010

Story - She is alone at home

Whenever I see a girl or married women with sexy figure my body might get heated. Now I tell you my first sex with my neighbor. Her name is Neeta then her age might be 28. She has two child one son and one daughter. Let me explain about her she is slim with a great figure.

Her breasts is Big size with a sharp nipple, she has rounded ass.she wear a Saree. She won't wear bra so her boobs are visible form her blouse think she might have done that to seduce youth towards or to attract attention. While sweeping her boobs are show from her Saree.

I watch her boobs many time while she is sweeping in front of her house. By this type my life is going on. Then a telephone call turns my life. They do not have a telephone so Neeta and her husband come to our house to take phone call one Wednesday my mom was on duty and dad

Go to tour. I am alone at home I make a plan to watch a xxx movie,so I go movie shop to take a xxx movie and after I load it on my PC and start watching it in that movie two girls suck a boy dick. They suck it like a ice cream they two have nice figure that make me hot I put off my dick

From my trouser any pumping it up after 10 minutes when I am on my end stage a telephone bell ring when I took the phone that a call from a relatives of Neeta they call no our phone they ask me to call Neeta they want to talk with her so ask they call after 2 minutes so I call her.

Then I close the movie on computer and go to call her. She live fronts our home so I knock the door she open the door she is wearing a pink blouse her nipple visible from her blouse because she wear bra rarely. She smile I ask here a call from her relative she ask I come just a minutes

She is alone at home as his husband go to his school as he was a teacher and her child are gone to school so she is alone at home she go to her kitchen and off the gas she is doing some work in kitchen.

I came to my home and I am already in hot mood so I thinking about to fuck her because she give me line many time. She is looking hot in pink blouse. She has very good figure I want to fuck her from many month but do not get any chance so that chance come today but I cannot

Know how to do it after a minutes she come to attend a call after attend a call she go I am seeing her from other room then I do not know from where lizard come in front of her she scared form lizard and to see the lizard she run toward me in a room and hug me

And ask me to put the lizard out I put the lizard out and I am thinking my dream full fill know I come to room again but she is too scare when I come she again hug me. She is too scare I tell her it is all right now and my brain give me command to fuck her I come back in my mood and

Hug her hard and moving my hand on her back and kissing on her neck she pull me and ask what are you doing I do not have any answer I ask her I love you and I want to fuck her she little bit surprised and looking on my face then I scare what she say now then she smile it increase

My confidence then I hug her and pull her on the bed. She asked me whether I am interested in having sex with her or not I told yes. She said she also want to do sex with me but do not get chance. She says “you r so smart and good physic. She starts kissing me on my lips.

I couldn't believe on my luck I am going to fuck her. I too started kissing her she then went to her knees kissed hard on my trouser and came to my lips kissing me and took my dick in her hand and started pumping it. She was pushing my dick in her mouth and she taking it all inside.

She started sucking them. It was paining very badly for me but at the same time I was enjoying it too. Both my hands were on her head pushing it down on the cock as I fucked her mouth. She then pushed my foreskin back licked my pink head,

She gobbled it up and started deep throttling it. I was having the time of my life!! I let out a sigh of pleasure. She was teething head of my cock whirling her tongue around it and taking entire length in her mouth. I was seeing her in amazement and enjoying the pleasure.

Ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh; I moaned. Her hot mouth threatened to set my hard dick on fire. She began pushing her mouth backward and forward on my long shaft, and was sucking it at the same time, ohhh I couldn't stop it I told her that I am cumming she gave signal to let it in her

Mouth I shot loads of cum in her mouth she drank everything. She cleaned my dick and it was shining with her saliva. She ask my cum have very good taste. It was really amazing and a very fulfilling experience as I had never experienced it.

After relaxing for few minutes I was getting aroused again I wanted to fuck her pussy in every position. I started rubbing her pussy and teasing her clits with my finger and putting my finger inside her pussy and moving it in circular motion.

A he was moaning like that aaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooofffffffffffff suck me off. Suck my pussy I love you. After that red pussy wet. I started to lick her juice and insert my tongue into her pussy. Now she was moaning like a hell.

Aaaahhhh hhhhhhoooooooo ffffffffffffffff oooooooooooohhhhhhh h.she say her husband is really done nothing to me and myself is dying for some good fuck she say her husband just fuck her pussy do not do any thing extra like kissing and sucking her pussy.

She says you are great, fuck me, suck me, and tear me. Aaaaaaaaahh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhaaaaa I could feel that she was getting aroused again and her pussy was flowing with nectar again. I was fucking her pussy by my tongue like a mad and it was too hot she pressed

My head towards her pussy and I was taking smell of her cute pussy. I laid on the back on the bed and she open-end my inner and started to play with my huge cock. She told me that she wanted to take this whole dick. I said to her it is all yours baby..

Then I put her legs up on my shoulders and started entering her pussy, which was really flowing juices at that time. Though wet, it was tight enough to refrain me from entering I think she do not do sex from a long time. I gave it a hard push I managed to enter it completely.

I stayed in that position for a few minutes kissing her, because her going red then after getting a green signal from her, I started pumping my rod in and out in her pussy. I continued fucking her for 10 minutes, varying my speed, and then changed position.

Then I fucked her for 10 minutes into doggy style, before she made me lay on the bed and started riding my horse. After 15 minutes I cried, that I was cumming, she kept on jumping over me with her huge really hard firm boobs jiggling in front of me, said to cum in her love hole.

I shouted as I let my cum flow in her pussy. We then laid into each others arms for 15 minutes, with my dick still in her pussy. It came out on its own after growing small. Neeta aunty then licked me clean, wore her saree and blouse and give a big kiss no my lips.

She asked she has a great fun with me which her husband cannot give her. I kissed her again holding her tightly in my arms near the door and promising her for more such pleasures. Whenever her husband and my parents are away I call her.

But we do not have many chances to do sex it rarely my parents go out station but but after my job whenever I go to my village, if we got a chance then we enjoy it. I am 30 now and she is 36.

Now I’m start my story how my dream come true to I’ m a student of engg. After my sem I’m going to my bua home my bua is 51 years old she is so sexy. She has a voluptuous body her breast and buttock both are massive aur jab wo chalti hain to unki gaan hilti hai meri bua bilkul south ki blue film ki herone lagti hai.mujhe aise hi aunty pasand hain ab mein aapko kahani bata ta hune.mujhe bachpan se hi apne saath ki ladkiyon ki bajay unki mummy jyada achi lagti hain jab mein bua ji ke yahan chuti pe gaya to ghar par sab log the mere buaji ke 2 ldkiyan ek 31 aur 34 saal ki hain dono ki shadi ho chuki hai bua aur unke husband hi rahte hain .mein jis din pauncha bua bahut khush thi.hun logo ne khub enjoy kiya agle din jab so kar uthe to pata chala phupha ji 4-5 din ke liye kahin bahar ja rahe hai unki company ka kaam tha.hum sab ne nasta kiya aur phuphaji chale gaye .mein bhi naha kar ghumne chala gaya mere kuch friends the. Mein raat mein wapas aaya to bua khana bana rahi thi abhi tak sab normal tha phir hum khana kha kar t.v. Dekh ne lagaye thodi der baad mujhe need ane lagaye meine bua se kaha to bha ne kaha ki phuphaji to hai nahi tu aisa kar hamare bedroom mein so ja .jaise hi bua ne ye kaha mein bahut khush ho gaya kyounki badi aurtome ke saath sex karna mujhe aacha lagta hai aur aaj mauka tha mein aur bua ghar mein akele the.meine turant hai kardi aur jakar let gaya aur bua ka aane ka intezar karne laga.

Bua din mein saadi pahanti hai aur sote time sadi nikal deti hai sirf blouse aur peticoat pahanti hain.adha ghante baad bua t.v. Baand kake sone aaye hamesha ki tarah sadi uttar di.mein sone ka natak kar raha tha aur halki aankh khol ke dekh raha tha.bua mere bagal mein late gayee.mein bua ka sone ka intezar kar raha tha laghbhag 2 ghante intezar kata raha lekine mere himmat nahi huee ki mein unko touch bhi kar pata aur intezar karte karte mein so gaya. Raat mein acanak meri aankh khuli mijhe toilet lagyee thee.mein uttha to dekha bua so rahin thi mene dekha bua ka peticoat dono tango ke ghutno se kafi upper uth chuka tha mujhe bahut aha lag raha tha meine kabhi kisi aunty ko aise nahi dekha tha mein bathroom gaya aur turant laut kar aaya bua so rahi thi .mein dhere se bua ke paas gaya aur aur baadi himmat karke unka peticoat upper uthane laga mere haath kaanp rahe the dar lag raha tha kahine bua jag na jayee. Mein ruk gaya par mera maan nahi maan raha tha .mene himmat karke dubara peticoat utthana shuru kiya dhere -2 pura utha diya aur ab mujhe bua ki choot dikhne lagyee mein dar ke maare kanp raha tha meine pahle bar kise aurat ko naunga dekha tha unki moti-2 janghe ekdum white thin man kar raha tha ki bua ko turant chod dune par dar lag raha tha phir meine bua ki choot ko dhere se touch kiya aur smell le pagal kar dene wali khushbu aa rahi thi mein puri sawdhani se apna kaam kar raha tha bua ki dono taang aapas mein mile thi meine unko dhere se aalag karna chaha jaise hi meine aalag karne ke liye taan uttayi bua jaag gayee.

Meri to halat kharab ho gayee mujhe samaji mein nahi aa raha tha kya karune bua utth ke baath gayee unonhe mujse pucha kya kar rahe the mene darte hua bataya ki mujhe badi aurat bahut aachi lagti hain apne sath ya choti ladkiyan nahee.aaj apko aise dekha to control nahin kar paya bua kuch der chup rahin phir boli tere phuphaji to 58 saal ke ho chuke hain aur mujhe chod bhi nahi paate aur mera bhi maan nahi karta lekin aaj tune meri vasna ko jaga diya hai yehi din hain maje karne ke phir kahan ye chudai ka sukh mil payeega tere phupha te ye sukh de nahi sakte to tu hi de kahte hua bua let gavyee. Mein ye saab sun ke khus ho gaya ki pahli baar wo bhi 52 saal ki aurat ke saath. Mein unhe pagal ki tarah chatne laga unki jangon ko kabhi doodh ko kabhi choot ko.bua ne dhere-2 mere kapde uttar diye mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha . Phir bua ne nujhe chodna sikhaya kyounki mein to pahli baar sex kar raha tha unki gaand bahhut moti aur gori thi.bua ko bhi chudne mein bahut maza aa raha tha . Mein roj raat mein bua ko 2-3 baar chodta tua kabhi din mein bhi chodta tha hum saath naha te the 4 din baar phupha ji aa gayee phir bhi hum mauka milte hi sambhog karte bua ko bahut naza aane laga tha mein bua ke yahan dus din ruka phir nein wapas aa gaya ab mujhe ya bua ko jab bhi mauka nilta hai ya to mein unke ghar jata hune ya wo hamare yahan aa jati hain.

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