Friday, July 2, 2010

Story - Happy To Be At Coimbatore

I am narrating a true incident which happened two months ago. My name is Vicky. I am from Coimbatore, age 24. I had a very close friend and her name was Archana. She was staying in her aunt's house as we both were hunting for a job at that time. In her house both her aunt and uncle were still in service so they use to leave to work by 9 am and usually return home only after 6 pm.

Archana was my close friend and we use to go out for movies and other friends house for get together and other stuffs. Archana had a cousin sister named Indu. Indu was married for three years by that time and had no kids. Archana and I joined a course to learn java so we also used to leave by 9pm and return only in evening. One day, I found Archana was visibly upset and I asked her "is anything wrong?" she replied "nothing".

But I insisted for the reason and after some hesitation, Archana told me that "Indu's mother in law has come and left Indu in her house asking her aunty to take Indu to some good doctor as she hasn't got conceived even after two years". I then somehow consoled Archana saying "everything would be alright". Also passed comment saying, if she had got married by now she would have delivered at least three kids in three years. Then following weekend when I called up Archana, she told that Indus's husband has come and they had both gone to doctor for check-up and awaiting the result.

Again when I met Archana on Tuesday she was again very upset and I asked what happened this time. Archana said that the result has come and the problem is with Indu's husband and not with Indu but her aunt's family is worried and confused about how to convey this to Indu's husband about his problem. So days passed by as Indu ended up staying in her parent house. They waited for things to boil down and Indu's husband used to regularly visit her during weekends. Some days later, our java course got over so Archana planned to go to her native the next day.

So I went to her house to meet her before she leaves to her native. But once I went to her house, Indu informed me that Archana has left to her native along with her aunty that day night itself. At that time, only Indu was there even her father has left to office as usual. Realizing the situation, I thought of leaving the place when Indu asked me to come inside as she wants to talk to me about the relationship going over between me and Archana.

So I went inside and started explaining her that there is nothing suspicious in our relationship as we both are just good friends. She talked further on that chapter and finally said "I believe what u r saying". Then slowly our conversation moved to her personal life and I consoled Indu saying everything will become alright and suddenly tears flowed from her eyes and I did not know what to do or say to Indu and finally I said "don't cry Indu, everything with fall in place soon".

Indu said after seeing me and Archana, she now feels that she shouldn't have got married so early in her life as she missed all this golden opportunity of enjoying this age life. I said "what all has to happen will happen. So don't worry". Indu said she really misses this age enjoyment like moving out with friends and going to movies as me and Archana do often. I said "even now you can join us Indu, while I and Archana go to movies". Indu replied saying "I don't want to disturb you two peoples privacy".

I said "we don't mind you joining us, Indu". After that I left to my home disappointed that Archana is not in town. That night I received a call from Archana saying that Indu called her and told her about the conversation Indu had with me. And Archana asked me "whether are you free tomorrow, Vicky?"I said "yes. You are also not in town. What work do I have, Archana?"Archana said "then why don't you take Indu to some movies in the city so that it would be a kind of diversion for her mind?" I said "ok".

She said "Vicky, be careful, aunty or uncle should not know about it otherwise they would kill me, Vicky". So Archana herself drafted a plan asking me to go a nearby theatre and wait for Indu for noon show. So I did as Archana said. I went to the theatre bought 2 tickets and waited for Indu. I kept on waiting for Indu but she never seems to come as movie also started. So cursing both Archana and Indu I was about to enter the cinema hall suddenly an auto came and Indu got down from the auto.

So I just went near to Indu and said "Indu what took you so long? Movie has already started and you are so late, Indu". Indu replied saying "I came late knowingly since Archana suggested me to come late to the movie so that none of her friends and known relatives should see me coming and waiting near a cinema theater with you". I said laughing "yeah such kind of ideas always arises only in Archana's mind. Anyway let's go inside". On entering inside I realized it was so dark inside the theater and we don't know where the seating allotted for us.

So I asked her to stand there itself and came outside for some help. Coming out of the movie hall, I found the ticket collector and ask his help to find us the seat inside the hall. So he came with the torch and went in and we both followed him. Indu was just walking in front of me just inches away. I was following Indu just inches behind. Suddenly Indu just stopped and turned around to see whether I am following her but since it was dark I didn't notice and my hands suddenly hit her ass.

It was just a fraction of seconds but I could feel Indu's ass vibration in my hand. We didn't even exchanged sorry as we just followed the ticket collector. He showed us the seat and we both sat comfortably in our seat with Indu sitting to my left. But by this time, my mind was looking out for another opportunity for the same kind of flashing enjoyment. Indu kept her right hand in the hand rest which was between my seat and hers.

With the given space, I also kept my left hand hoping for some touching. It was quite a good comedy movie and so we both were laughing hearts out. During interval break, Indu said "Vicky, I am having a good time after a very long time". I said "it is my pleasure". Then movie started and by this time Indu has come out of her shell and was laughing and exchanging the dialogues with me. I never have seen her move with me like that before. Indu used to comment on the comedy by coming close to my ears and I used to whisper my comment on her ears.

On one such instance, when I thought of passing a comment I went close to her ears and at the same time Indu also turned towards me and my lips just bruised her cheeks. Even though it was unintentional it caused waves of shivers inside me. I immediately said sorry. To which Indu replied "for bringing me to this movie Vicky had helped you by kissing me" and laughed looking at my sorry face. I replied "Indu don't talk like this.

First of all it is accidental and I didn't kissed you as my lips just bruised your cheek don't mean it is a kiss" she replied "Vicky, I am just kidding. Why are you feeling so nervous? And then she said "Vicky am I untouchable? Why are keeping sitting in such a distance?" she continued saying "just relax. Don't feel nervous. Actually it is me who should feel nervous about coming to a movie with a guy other than my husband".

So I pretended to be not so nervous and kept my left hand comfortably on the hand rest next to her right hand. Indu placed her hand over my hand and got hold of my fingers. We were just comforting each other by holding each other hand and my left elbow was just brushing her right boobs from side. And while movie is nearing an end Indu said She enjoyed my company and I said if she wishes we can come to movies whenever she feels bored sitting in home.

She said "Vicky, if you don't mistake me, why don't we meet again for some other movie the day after tomorrow?"I replied smiling "no Indu, I won't mistake you. I also don't mind joining you for another movie". Then I got her yahoo id and asked her to login to yahoo chat that day night so that we can sort out the plan for next meet because if we converse through phone their parents might get suspicious about us.

So after coming home I planned that during the next day meeting I should move still further and see to what extent Indu is up to. So at around 10pm, I logged in to yahoo chat and found Indu is already logged in. I started the chat asking sorry for logging in late and went on to chat with her about the plan and we ended up with the same plan as of that day and confirmed Indu that we will meet in the same theatre for another movie at noon show.

Finally in the chat, Indu asked me not to be so nervous as today. Since because of my nervousness, she feels very guilty as if she is forcing me to the movie. I promised Indu that I will be so cool and relax as her per her wish.

So as planned I went to the theatre for noon show. But to my disappointment the movie we planned to watch that day was very crowded but not full house. Since I want to spend time with Indu where we can have some good privacy so I didn't buy the ticket for the planned movie instead I bought the ticket for the movie which we saw the day earlier.

As usual once after the movie started, Indu came in an auto. When she came near me, I told her that movie was house full so I bought the ticket for movie which we watch the day before. Indu smiled at me knowingly. Once we seated our self in our respective seat inside the theatre.

Indu as like last time preferred to sit to my left side. I wasted no time got hold of her hands as we did the day before. This time my left elbows were touching her boobs more than the last time. We were sitting very close to each other. I was feeling her warmness in the air. After some time, I started feeling slight pain in my left elbow as I was leaning more towards her with the support of my elbow on the hand rest.

So I adjusted myself and moved a bit away from her. Indu immediately turned towards me and asked "why are you moving away from me, Vicky? Are you feeling guilty of moving closer to me?" I replied "why are you thinking like that, Indu?"I continued saying "will anyone move away from a girl like you, Indu?" and moved even more closely to her and said "Indu, shall I keep my hand over your shoulder as I am not feeling comfortable leaning on the hand rest for so long.

So Indu moved a bit closer to me so I kept my left hand all over her shoulder and now I could smell the fragrance coming out of her hair. Then I pulled her left hands which she was keeping on her lap and kept on my cheeks and kissed her palm. In response, she slowly placed her head on my shoulder. Now my left hand was on her shoulder having full access to her left side of her body. So I slowly started running my hands over the left side of her body from shoulder till her hip.

While doing so I used to give a bit extra pressure when my hands were running over the side of her left boobs. Whenever I did that I felt that Indu is moving even more closely to me. Then I started concentrated running my hands only on the sides of her left breast. I then pulled her left hands which I was holding near my cheek a bit more towards me. By doing so, I got even more gap between her body and her left hand.

So through her under arms, I slowly moved my left hand to grab her left breast. Indu's breast was neither small nor big, it exactly fitted in my palm. Once When I completely got hold of her left breast, she turned her face towards me and kissed me on my neck. As I got the expected signal, I slowly started rubbing her left breast and her tummy. Then I slowly asked her "Indu, why are you not talking to me?"she replied "I don't know Vicky, what to talk?"

I asked her "talk something, Indu. I want to hear your voice. Tell me about how are you feeling now?" for which she just replied "feeling good, Vicky" and kissed me again on my neck. When Indu did that, I pressed her boob with more pressure. She let out a soft moan "aaaah" and whispered in my ears saying "Vicky, please be gentle" I asked her "is it paining, Indu?" she said "little bit".

I asked "if you don't mind, can I kiss you?" she just kept mum. I pulled her more towards me and kissed on her neck and slowly moved towards her cheek making her face wet all along with my tongue. Then slowly as if I was waiting for her permission I moisten her lips with my tongue. And with slight hesitation, Indu also started responding to my wet kiss by opening her lips and started to suck and chew my lips more hungrily. So we started kissing each other as my left hand was busy playing with her left boob.

After sometime Indu said it is paining as I was pressing her left boob for so long. So I took my left hand completely from her side and again started kissing her more vigorously. Now I slowly went down from her lips to her neck and started kissing her neck and slowly started moving to her chest along with my wet kisses all along the path. I was rolling my tongue on her chest and slowly pulled her duppatta away. Indu panicked and asked "Vicky, what are you trying to do?" I said,"Indu, your duppatta was obstructing me and so I moved it away from my path" now I could see both her boobs clearly which is still being covered under her chudi. I never had a chance to see it so closely before as she always use to cover it properly with her duppatta. I slowly caught hold of her shoulders and started kissing along the border of her chudi starting from her shoulder and landed again along her chest. Then I pushed her chudi down along her left shoulder and I could now see her black bra str

I pulled her face over my right shoulder and kissed her neck I slowly moved my right hand inside her chudi and caught her left boobs along with her bra. Now after a long time Indu whispered in my ears to go slow as we have lot of time and she is feeling very nervous. I said "Indu, you hold me tightly so that you won't feel nervous". And she did the same. Now I moved one step further and pushed her bra strap away from her left shoulder and started to feel her bare left breast with my right hand and then I started circling her black nipples with my finger and pinching it slowly.

By now her nipples have grown to inch long and very rigid. Now I moved my face from her neck to her left boob and slowly took out her left boob nipples from her bra cup and started making circles along her nipples and flicking it with my tongue. By now Indu started comforting me by running her fingers over my head. I spent some time playing with my tongue and started admiring her black nipples which is glistening now with my saliva.

Indu felt shy and buried her face in my shoulder and whispered in my ears not to see her private parts like that. I asked Indu not to feel shy as I am really enjoying this moment. She said she too enjoys it. Again I started pressing and rubbing her nipples with my tongue and I started feeling very uncomfortable as it difficult for me to hold her nipples out of her bra cup for long. So I said to Indu that "I am not feeling very comfortable. So can you just pull one of yours completely out of your chudi so that I can fully concentrate on yours?" she felt very shy by the way. I mentioned to her about her breast. By saying "no", she buried her face again in my chest.

I again asked her "please do it for me, Indu". Indu said "Vicky, are you out of your mind? Don't you know it is a movie hall and any time someone might pass by or lights may be switched on and you want me to uncover my private parts in a theatre?" I replied her gently whispering in her ears "Indu cover yourself with your duppatta so that no one can see your exposed breast see even if lights switched on" Indu looking little bit convinced covering herself with duppatta she adjusted her chudi so that her right boobs will be completely free from her chudi and bra.

I was watching while she was trying it. Indu turned to me and asked me to turn my face away while she is adjusting her dress if not then she won't do it. So I turned my face and after sometime I moved my face towards her and asked her is it over? She said "hmm" and kept her head over my left shoulder. Then I partially moved her duppatta to see her boobs and went near it and kissed her boobs and Indu suddenly using her left hand pushed my head closer to her breast signaling me suck it hard.

I just got hold of her full left breast in my right palm and pressed it harder and then started sucking her nipples really hard. Then I switched her left breast to my left hand and started sucking again. While I kept on sucking her nipples and boob, I moved my right hand inside her chudi and got hold of her left hip and squeezed it and then started massaging her tummy and tracing her belly button. Indu was almost feeling like being in heaven biting her lips and controlled herself from making any sound.

Indu never opened her eyes at all during this time. Her face was fully covered by her shyness. I tried to kiss her in her tummy and belly button but couldn't do it as there was no space.

By now the movie was reaching the intermission so we parted our self and Indu adjusted her dress properly. In the interval, Indu felt very shy and avoided facing me under lights. She said she is going to rest room and even I felt so I went to the rest room and freshened myself and returned to my seat.

After sometime, Indu returned smiling at me with shyness. But I deliberately started talking to her so that she comes out of her shyness. I asked her did she like my activity. Indu said without seeing my face that she would answer it once light goes off. Again movie started and I again leaned towards her and pulled her near me and asked her to loosen her chudi again. Indu said "please Vicky, do whatever u want over with my chudi on as again I can't uncover myself".

I also didn't insist her to uncover as my hands were feeling so paining because of my constant massaging for over an hour. So I was just holding her and massaging her boobs over her chudi alternatively and slowly. Then I slowly moved to her right thigh and started caressing it. But Indu moved her legs so close tight that I couldn't move my right hand further inside to fell her inner thigh.

Again I asked her to part her legs to which Indu whispered in my ears that she won't do it as she know where it will end up in. I asked her for the reason she said "Vicky, if you touched me there then won't be able to control myself after that da". To which I said "who asked you to control yourself, Indu?"she said "Vicky, please don't ask me to do that alone as I will definitely lose my control "but I didn't leave her and again I insisted her saying "Indu, I want to feel yours there just only once then I will never ask for it again.

I promise you Indu" I continued saying "since this being my first time, I am feeling bit curious to touch and feel yours down there, indu." looking at my sorry face and my way of begging, Indu finally thought of giving me one chance (luckily). Now Indu slowly parted her legs and thighs and I slowly started moving my right hand to feel Her inner thighs. I was also moving my hand little bit faster as I want to rush to feel her treasure before she changes her mind. So I just reached the joint of her two legs and with my three middle fingers I rubbed her over her cunt which is being covered under her pants.

Indu started to bite me near my neck in ecstasy. Then I moved my hands to her belly button and started making circles over there and now I asked her to lose her pants so that I can feel her there. Indu did the same saying the condition "just only once okay" and untied her pant and loosened it a little bit and buried her face on my shoulder. Now I made a straight route starting from her belly button and moved my right hand inside her pant and then I found her panties waist band striking on my hand inside her pant.

I insert my hand inside her waist band and reached her bushes while reaching there itself I could feel Indu's hot breadth on my neck. Then I very slowly moved my fingers over her pussy and which was so wet, hot and also very sticky. I moved my fingers further down to reach her hot hole.

By the time Indu was kissing and biting my neck more vigorously. Then I was running my finger over her cunt crack and slowly I inserted my fingers inside her hole and started doing to and fro motion and suddenly Indu pulled my hand out of her pant and buried her face in my chest and started breathing heavily and I just hold her for some moment and asked Indu what happened she replied nothing. Then I asked then "why did you pulled my hands in a hurry, Indu?" she replied "it is enough da vicky". I said "but I want to further touch you there, indu".this time she told "strictly No" and started adjusting her pant and her dress completely. I kept a sorry face and on seeing this, Indu again allowed me to touch her there but only with her pants on.

I felt something is better than nothing so I moved my hand there over her pants and I found her pant was completely drenched with wetness in that area alone. Indu's pant has got wet despite wearing her panties. I just looked at her face and Indu said " Vicky, now you would have understood why I said I won't be able to control myself and also pulled your hand out from there" I smiled at her and Indu just pulled me to her chest and I kept my hand still down there till the end of the movie. At the end of the movie I asked Indu while coming out of the theatre "Indu, will you join the chat tonight?"she asked me "why, vicky? Do you have any plans for tomorrow? If so then I won't be able to make it, vicky as it is a weekend and my husband will be coming to my house over the weekend".

I replied to her saying "I know that Indu and I wont disturb you during weekend I just want to chat with you tonight so that I can get to know how you felt today" I continued replying to her "also without seeing my face through chat you can let your feeling known to me more freely" she said "okay vicky, wait for me till 10pm as when my parents go to bed"so we fixed it as 10.30pm to be more on safer side and Indu left to her house.

I took my bike and returned to my home and started waiting for 10.30pm after coming home, I couldn't wait till 10.30pm as it looked like days to wait. By 9pm, Archana called me and talked with me about my outing and I said I don't know probably you should ask Indu about it.

So we talked about other things and Archana finally hung up her phone at around 10pm. After the talk with Archana,I realized Indu hasn't discussed anything about our new found relationship. By 10.15pm itself, I logged in to yahoo chat and waited for Indu to join the chat. At around 10.45pm, Indu logged in and asked me to wait for another 15 minutes as her parents are leaving to bed just now. After 15 minutes, Indu came online as asked sorry for making me to wait for so long. I replied "Indu, I have been waiting from 10pm". She replied that she too was waiting for her parents to go to bed.

Then she asked "okay what was the reason for this chat, vicky?"I didn't know where to start and just replied "I miss you very much, Indu". She said "what should I reply for this, vicky?" I said "Indu, whatever you feel or felt let me know" she replied "yeah even me vicky, I was thinking all the time about what all happened in the theatre today". So now I asked her "did u enjoy it, Indu?" "of course vicky, I did but once I came to my house I felt my whole body started paining so I took a hot bath, vicky" she replied.then she asked "how did u feel today vicky?" I said "I too enjoyed it since it was my first time but I felt something was missing, indu"she asked "what is it, vicky?" I said "Indu, I am happy to know that you enjoyed it but in response you didn't gave me back the enjoyment to me" she sent a smiley message. I again sent her a message saying "hope now you would understand, Indu what you failed to do?" she said "yes vicky. I know but I felt somewhat scared to touch yo
urs"she continued "at least you should have placed my hands over yours so that I could have given you minimum enjoyment but even then it won't be possible to play with yours that too in a cinema hall" knowing her concern I replied "anyway I feel like hugging you now indu"she replied "for that you should wait till monday vicky"i said "yeah it is going to be a very long weekend for me, Indu.

So what shall we plan for monday?she said "definitely not an another movie Vicky"why are you not feeling safe meeting me in theatre Indu?" I asked. For that she said she feel safe but not feeling comfortable inside the theatre. I asked her to decide the place where we can nice privacy. Then slowly I asked her whether it will be okay if we can meet in her house itself. She said no because she is scared if someone come to her house when we are together then it would ruin her life completely.

Then I suggested what about meeting in a hotel room? Indu said she feeling very scared but asked me again whether it will be safe to meet in a hotel room? By knowing that she has fallen to my trap, I assured her that it would be safe and we would have good privacy. Indu then asked me to come online on Monday morning at around 10am when she will confirm me. On Monday thinking whether it would be my lucky day, I logged in to yahoo chat at 10am and asked Indu whether she is okay meeting me at the hotel room.

Indu replied she is feeling very scared to come to hotel room and asked me to come to her house itself. I felt very happy hearing this and Indu said "Vicky, give me a call when you are near to my house so that I would keep her door open for you to sneak in". Also she said you shouldn't rush on things until she asks me to do. I promised her the same. So I went to bath and washed myself cleanly and with lot of anticipation I started my bike to her house.

Indu house is actually near a railway station, so I left my bike in the railway station parking area and from there I called Indu asking her whether it is safe for me to come to her house now and getting Indu confirmation I started walking to her house telling her that I will be in her house in another 5 minutes. When I reached her house, I found the door was open so I just entered in her house and called her. Indu immediately came inside and asked me to sit in the sofa and went outside with a lock and closed the door from outside so that even if anyone comes they might think she has gone out. In that way no one can disturb us.

I was really astonished by her plan. Indu came inside the house using the back door and bolted the door from inside. So we both where inside the locked house. I started feeling horny just by thinking that we both are alone in the locked house. Then I removed the shoe and kept it under the sofa. Indu came smiling and said just relax for sometime as she needs to take a bath and will come in few minutes.

Since I have made up my mind to keep myself composed, so I just switched on the tv and started watching it, even though my mind was not on the tv program. After hardly 20 minutes Indu came out in a light blue sari with the same matching color blouse with free hair. I have never seen Indu in sari before so I didn't took out my eyes from her. Indu said why am I looking at her like that? I complimented saying she is looking very simple but beautiful. Indu smiled and asked me join for the lunch with her.

Since I was also feeling hungry so we both sat together and had lunch together. After having our lunch, I came back and sat on the sofa and then Indu asked me to move her room which is in the first floor. Actually it is a terrace with a room in the corner. So I silently sneaked in to the terrace room. The room was not so big and slightly dark with all old cup boards blocking the windows. The room also had an attached bath room to it. So I went inside the room switched on the ceiling fan and partially closed the door.

Then I found there was a mat and mattress in the corner of the room. I took the mat and spread it on the floor and then rolled the mattress over the mat. Also placed the pillow and started waiting for Indu to come. Indu came after sometime cleaning all the used vessels. Once Indu came, she closed the door behind her. Indu didn't know what to talk now. I initiated the conversation asking Indu whether this is her room. She said yes and when she is not in city, the room will be used for guest. Then I asked her "so for how long are you going to wait standing near the door, Indu".

She said she needs to change herself in to her nighty. So she asked me whether I can turn around so that she can get into her nighty. I objected saying why are feeling shy to change the dress in front of me as anyways I have seen her top portion day before itself. She even then insisted me to turn around. So I turned around and then after some time I asked whether she has got changed to her nighty. Once she said yes I turned around and asked why you did change your dress as she looked great in her sari.

Indu said I feel comfortable in nighty then I said she would be even more comfortable without nighty. Indu smiled feeling shy and again said with out her permission I should not rush on anything. I nodded my head agreeing to it. Now Indu came and sat next to me and said I should behave like a good boy. I then asked her "won't you kiss this good boy, Indu?" Indu asked me to close my eyes and when I did so she started kissing me on my lips. Slowly kiss turn more intense.

After sometime Indu pulled her head away and started gasping for air. I asked "what Indu? Is it all you can withstand?" then asked her whether I can hug her? And by asking so I started to hug her so tightly that I could feel her breast crushing in my chest. Then pulling her away from me I started kissing frantically all over her face and neck and started moving to her breast. Indu pulled my face back and started kissing my lips and inserted her tongues inside my mouth and started playing with my tongue.

I just got hold of her hip and pulled her towards me which might have made her uncomfortable to hold on with the kiss. So she parted away from me and said to me that I am going to break her hip by pulling her like that. And asked Me to calm myself and pulled my head and placed it on her lap. Then Indu started running her hand over my hair and ran her hand inside my t-shirt and brushed my hairs in my chest which sent shivers in my body. Indu asked me whether I like it.

I just nodded and turned my face towards her tummy and pulled her tummy closer to me. Indu made me to sit and then caught hold of my bottom edge of my t-shirt and removed it over by my head. Then Indu placed her head on my chest and started playing on my nipples with her tongue. Indu traced her tongue down till my belly button and giving shivering sensation all along. I pulled Indu back and made her to rest on the mattress on her back and moved over to her and placed my chest of her face and asked Indu to continue her licking act.

Indu again caught hold of me and started running her tongue all over my chest. This continued for sometime and then sat on the mattress and placed her head on my lap in such a way that Indu was lying perpendicular to the position I am sitting. Then I bend down and started my kiss from her forehead then to her nose tip and then further down to her mouth and we started sucking our tongues.

Then I just raised myself and went further down to her neck and chest. By this time since Indu has good access to my chest and tummy as she was running her tongues and face all over there and making it wet. Indu was wearing a nighty with a front opening on her chest. So I unzipped it and found her wearing a white bra today. I just pushed my both hands inside her cup of the bra and started massaging it vigorously.

In ecstasy, Indu moved further up and pushed her face more now on my crotch and started feeling hard dick. Since now I came to know to what she is up to, I stood on my knees and removed my jeans and lowered my crotch near her face. Indu got hold of the briefs waist band on the front side and pulled it completely down and plunged her face well below my two balls and started playing with her tongue on region between lower side of my balls and ass hole.This made my dick to twitch and rise further in hardness.

Then starting from there Indu started making line over my balls and on my dick with her tongue. Indu couldn't take my dick on her mouth from that position so she was just licking and running her tongue over my dick along its veins. Now I continued to move away from her breast and further ended down to her tummy and plunged my face on her tummy making her to moan. Then I went further down between her legs but Indu again as usual closed her legs tightly so I plunged my face on her crotch and then slowly got hold of her thighs. Then I pulled both her thighs away and moved my heads between her thighs in one smooth motion. Since I am over her in 69 position, Indu couldn't raise her head or her body to stop my action but just a simple moan saying "aaaaaaah aah please stop, vicky. Please" but I pretend as if I didn't hear it, I further buried my face and started rubbing her cunt over her dress with my face.

I did this for sometime so that she gets relaxed with my act. After finding Indu returning to her normal, I moved further kissing her inner thigh. Now since I have moved further down on her body, my thighs were over her face now. Indu now pulled my jeans and briefs further down to my ankle and pushed my thighs apart and inserts her face more inside my ass split and started making circles around my ass hole. Indu was doing circles at the same time she was also massaging my ass like anything.

Now after sometime since Indu could have access further, she pushed me down and she climbed over me in same 69 position and caught hold of my dick took it deep in her mouth and kept inside her mouth for some time. Now by Doing so, now Indu was completely sitting on my chest facing my legs. I could see her ass just in front of my face. I caught hold of her hip and pulled her further towards my face. Now since her legs were wide apart on either side of my body also she had her ass bit raised above my chest.

So I had full access to her ass and cunt which is still covered under her nighty. Now slowly I got hold of her nighty bottom edge and raised it till her waist. Man, I felt like dying there it self. Indu was having a damn good ass which is still being covered under her sky blue panties. Indu was busy kissing and playing with my dick. But she was doing it in such a way that I don't cum immediately. Indu gave me so much time in between her act. So my dick won't explode. I got hold of back side of her panties waist band and pulled to it down and could see her cunt with full wetness from behind.

I placed my finger tip on cunt hole and tasted the wetness. I couldn't say how it was. It was not very salty but kind of warm salty feeling. Since I felt okay with the taste I slowly started running my tongue along her slit. Now by this act, Indu had stopped what she was doing and was responding to pulls and pushes. I made very deliberate circles around her hot hole and then started concentrating on her clits by rubbing my tongue harder on it. My face is now full of her wetness.

After sometime I could feel her legs getting stiffened. And Indu started asking me to stop. Indu in a very weak voice said "vicky, please don't do it. I won't be able to control myself". I replied "Indu, don't control your feelings da. Do what ever you feel like doing da. Don't hide or control yourself. Feel free da, Indu". After hearing this, she slowly started moving her hip in sync with my tongue activity.

Since I know what is going to come, I inserted my tongue deep inside her hole and with my fingers I played with her clit. She was holding my legs tightly and started moaning loudly like "please please by moaning, she came with full force on my mouth. The liquid which was oozing out of her hole was so much it started running out of my mouth. Initially I thought Indu had urinated but the liquid was coming from her another hole. And also the liquid was sticky. Once after sometime when I could sense Indu is returning to her normalcy,I wiped my face and my mouth in her nighty.

Indu just got down and by adjusting her dress, lied next to me. Indu turned her face and body away from me in shyness and showed her back to me. I moved closer to her and hugged her from back and I could still feel her breathing heavily. I moved my crotch very closer to her back so that I placed my dick in between her ass crack and pushed further. At the same time, I planted a wet kiss on her neck. Indu without turning her face said "Vicky you are such a stupid doing such nasty things". I replied "Indu, I loved it and also I know you loved in more than I did. Then such an unnecessary comment". Indu turned towards me and hidden her face in my chest and her fingers were playing with my hairs in the chest. Then she said "vicky, please give me some time to recover. I am feeling tired". I said okay.

After sometime Indu got up and told me she needs to use the bath room. So Indu took a towel and went to the bathroom.

I looked puzzled whether everything is over or does Indu has something for me? So I was lying in the bed wondering what next? After sometime Indu came back from bathroom and asked me whether do I need to use bathroom. I said yes and pulled the towel from her and went inside the bath room. I washed my face and cleaned up myself and wrapped myself in the towel and came out. Indu was sitting on the mattress and I went and sat near her with just towel on my body. Indu now moved towards me and by hugging me she pushed me on the mattress and started kissing.

On my forehead and then quickly moved to my chest and made circles around my nipples. I closed my eyes and started enjoying it. Indu moved the towel little bit and rubbed my thighs and slowly moved her hands towards by dick. By this act my dick started to get hard again..Indu moved her tongue from my chest to my tummy and then untied the towel and pulled it away from my hip.

I was lying completely naked in front of her. Now Indu got hold of my dick in her and started doing to and fro motion. My dick started to become hard and rigid. Then Indu moved herself in between my legs and took my entire length dick inside her mouth and made to and fro motion. I brought my hand to hold her head. But Indu moved my hands away and asked me to keep my hands aside.

Then Indu took her hands away in which she was holding my dick. Indu placed her hands on both my thighs and without holding my dick with her hand, Indu started doing to and fro motion with my rigidly grown dick. I closed my eyes and just concentrating on what Indu is doing now. By now I was on verge cumming. I asked Indu to stop and she took her mouth out and asked me "why do u want to stop, vicky?" and also asked "vicky, don't you like it?"

I said I love what she is doing but I don't want to release mine in her mouth. Indu asked "then what you want me to do, vicky?" I told her that I want to see her completely naked. Indu said "you have already seen me completely what else you want to see, vicky?" I replied saying I want to see her without any dress over her like how I was lying down there. Indu understood my wish and came in to my arms. I hugged her again and then by holding her I got up.

As we both were standing, I went behind her and hugged her and cupped both her breast with my hands from behind and at the same time I kissed her on her neck. Then I unzipped her front open nighty and then I started going down on her back. Once I reached Indu ass I caught hold of both her ass and squeezed it hardly. Indu placed both her hands on my shoulder for the support. I got hold of her hip from back and buried my face on the slit of her ass over her nighty.

Then slowly moved further down and got hold of her nighty bottom edge and started pulling it up slowly upward while enjoyed myself by seeing her revealing silky legs and thighs and now I lifted her nighty over her waist and saw Indu has changed her panties now. Indu ass looked really great and her dark blue panties fitting her ass showing its shape. I then removed her nighty completely over her head and started my wet kiss from her neck tracing down on her back till her bra hook.

Then I removed the hook and planted a kiss there. I ran my fingers now to her front and caught hold of her breast under the bra cup and removed her bra. Indu crossed her hand across her breast and moved to her ass and pulled her panties down to her knees and removed it completely through her legs. Now I saw her naked ass in front of me and I ran my fingers in the split and went on rubbing along the crack of her ass till I could find her hair covering her cunt in front.

I just moved away from her and started admiring her naked beauty and asked to turn towards me. Indu said she is feeling very shy. So I went near her and caught her through her shoulder and turn her towards me. Indu immediately came near me and tried to hide her face on my chest. But I pushed her away by holding her shoulder. Then I started admiring her naked body.

Then I kneeled in front of Indu and got hold of her right leg and placed in over my right shoulder and for balance now she was holding my head. Then, I immediately buried my face deep inside her cunt and then pressed my tongue on her clit and Indu started pushing my head further. Then I slowed down and started running my tongue.

Along her cunt and inserted my tongue deep inside her hole which started to become moist with her wetness. I could feel her legs getting weak because of the position so I stood up and made Indu to lie on the mattress on her back. I then pushed Indu's legs wide apart and kneeled between her legs and bent down to grab her breast with my mouth and started flicking her nipples with my tongue and went near her ears and whispered saying that "Indu you have a terrific body with good shape". In turn as a compliment, she turned and kissed me.

I started giving her intense kisses on her lip and we got into a lip lock for some time. Then I whispered in her ears saying my wish of losing my virginity to her. Indu was at that time in double mind whether to allow mine inside her or not. Knowing her intention, I started sucking her right breast and massaged her left one with my hand. Again she closed her eyes and started enjoying my action. Slowly I started rubbing my dick head on her cunt and ran my rigid dick along her cunt slit.

Then I slowly kept my dick on her cunt entrance and started to push inside. But since it was my first time, I couldn't get the right position to insert mine into her. Knowing my difficulty, Indu pulled the near by pillow and placed behind her ass. Now her legs were wide apart and I could now see her cunt inviting my dick.

I slowly placed my dick on her cunt and tried to insert mine inside her. When I did that, the same time Indu also slowly raised her hip to get my dick inside her cunt.

Now my dick head alone got inside her cunt, now I further pushed my dick inside her cunt and it went smoothly inside her cunt like a knife on butter. As I gained good access and confident, I push mine further inside and kept mine inside her for sometime to feel the warmness which is emanating inside her cunt. Then slowly I pulled mine out till just the head of my dick is inside her cunt and then again I pushed in full force again inside.

Now Indu gasped in ecstasy. Knowing that Indu is enjoying it and I am proceeding in right direction. I started moving my dick in and out. I moved both her legs over my shoulder. In this position, I could penetrate more inside her. Now Indu really started moaning loudly. So I continued moving mine in and out faster. After sometime Indu said she wants to switch position by getting over me.

I asked whether she didn't like the present position for which Indu said she never attained her climax in this position before and feel more comfortable by driving from top. So I pulled mine out and lied on my back on the mattress. Indu sat on me with her legs on both side of me and raised her hip slightly above and got hold of my rigid dick on her palm and peeled down my foreskin on the dick.

Then by placing my dick on her cunt entrance, she applied her full force and pushed her hip down completely. Indu came down till crotch met my crotch. Since my hand are free now, I caught hold of her nipples and started rolling it, kneading it and rub it. While Indu is riding on me, she lowered her head and started seeing the motion of her cunt wrapping my dick completely. Seeing it, I too thought of enjoying that scene. So I also bending my head started viewing that action.

By seeing such an erotic scene we both realized we are peeking at the same time. As riding time keeps increasing, the length of her motion increased. Indu made my dick come out of her cunt till just my head of the dick is inside and came down heavily to cover my dick completely again. By doing this pressure inside her cunt increased. I could sense that pressure is mounting inside her heavily and she is reaching the peak.

So while Indu is riding me, I told her when she is going to explode let me know so that I can feel the contractions happening inside her through my dick. Indu just lowered her head and started riding me by watching her action below. As Indu was reaching her climax, she suddenly bent herself back till her hands could reach my thighs and started moaning "yes yes yes vicky yess please vicky yes aha ama vicky Vicky" and by saying this she came with shudder and it created many contractions inside her hot cunt.

By this action and because of the contraction happening inside her cunt, I too was reaching my climax and I raised my body towards her as she was bending backwards. With fraction of seconds, I too released my cum deep inside her cunt. I won't say I released loads and loads of cum inside but at least, I released 3 to 4 spurts of cum inside Indu's hot cunt. Being so tired with shudder bent forward now and kept her head on my chest and rested her self with heaving breathing.

I too was breathing heavily at the same time. For the first time, Indu asked me "how it was, vicky?. Did you enjoy it?" I replied her saying I am speechless, Indu. I don't know how to explain but it was terrific. She smiled and kissed me on my chest and said she like to lie down on me for some more time. Slowly my dick started to get shrink inside her cunt. Then slowly Indu pulled her self from my dick and fall next to me.

We hug each other and we were sweating like anything. After some time, Indu got up and went to bath room by wrapping herself in towel. After freshening herself, Indu come out in towel and collected all her dress which was lying all around the room and went to the corner of the room to dress herself. By lying in the bed, I was watching Indu wearing her dark blue panty and then her white bra.

And Indu took her petticoat and started wearing it. I got up and went near her and started knotting her petticoat string. Then Indu took her blouse and I dressed it for her. Then Indu took the sari and started wearing it in front of me. Indu asked me freshen myself and come down as she is leaving down to the hall now. I went to bathroom and freshened myself. I dressed my self and quickly sneaked out of the terrace to the hall down.

When I came down I was seeing Indu in her kitchen preparing coffee for me. On seeing me, Indu asked me to sit on the hall as she is preparing coffee for me. But I went behind her in the kitchen hugged her from behind and caught hold of her breast over her blouse and squeezed it. Indu openly accepted it for sometime allowed my hand to roam all over her front portion of her body. As coffee became ready we took our cups of coffee and moved to the hall.

We both didn't speak to each other but just smiling at each other and had coffee. Then I said "I am leaving now, Indu as it is already 4.30 pm". So I kept the coffee cup on the near by table and went near her. Indu stood up and hugged me tightly. I ran my hand behind her and caught hold of her ass and squeezed it. We landed in a long intense lip lock. Then for the first time by seeing deeply in to my eyes, Indu said "Vicky I really loved it and never experienced such a slow and steady at the same time such a long intense intercourse before, Vicky.

Even from my husband, Vicky". Again as a complement we kissed each other and I slowly sneaked out of her house walking towards the railway station where I parked my bike. Note: hi everyone, I tried my best to narrate the incident which happened in my life in such a way that everyone loves it. Sorry for making my narration bit long because I thought of sharing my golden moment to all you people in detail hoping that you all would love it.

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