Friday, July 2, 2010

Story - My bhabhi farha

Hi my name is ismail 24 years old and this is my story about my experience with my dirty, filthy bhabi Farrah. (All names changed)
10 years ago when I was still in secondary school about 18 years old, my eldest brother Kashif went back home to get married, to a decent girl that he chose. My new bhabi came into this country after that. When I first saw her I had the dirties thoughts run through my mind but I thought I will never get to fuck this woman. We started getting along very well and my brother used to work very long hours I would watch TV and she would come into my room and we would sit and chat until late into the night before my brother would come home. He used to fuck her nearly every night and I used to hear it and really imagine me doing it to her.
Anyway fast forward 5 years they had a child got their own house and moved out. Then one day my brother had to leave the city for business for a week, I used that as an excuse to go around their house late evenings, my bhabi used to wear the sexiest gowns and night dresses and I would sit their pretendig to be listening to her stories and playing with my nephew but in my mind I would be undressing her and dong really filthy things with her.
This one evening my nephew was just playing as usual. Bhabhi didnt have anything sexy on, she had a very light material pink salwar kameez on and I could see her sexy figure as the kameez was figure hugging with a big ass sticking out and boobs shape showing. Me and bhabi got talking about my love life etc, I dropped the line I didnt have a gf as I was looking for someone sexy figure like her. After hearing this she really started blushing and going red. I was loving this as I realised she didnt mind me saying that. She then said to me you must check me out, laughingly I said why do you think I come around late in the evening when bhaiya is out of town?
To this she didnt say anything and I got scared maybe I said too much. She got up and took shahid and went upstairs after about half hour she came back down. She said she had to put shahid to sleep because it was his bedtime and came back got me a cold drink and got herself a icecream. I was having my drink and she was licking the icecream really nice and slow, so much was going through my mind, watching her tongue licking the cream I was going crazy. My dick was rock hard now. As I leaned forward I saw her looking down and she saw my dick was pointing up. She looked in my eyes and smiled. I was so nervous and my heart was beating. Out of nowhere she asked me about marriage and my thoughts and I said I think marraige is hard becuase I have to be with one woman all my life, she laughed and said i'm with your bhaiya and am not complaining then she asked had I ever done it with a girl, I was shocked by that and said no. She laughed and went to the kitchen, I was watching her bum as she was walking away. WOW I thought and I followed her into the kitchen, I saw she was reaching, trying to get something down from a high cupboard she was tip toeing, without saying anything I pushed up hard against her bum about to get the bowl down for her, my dick was still rock hard and it went between her bum cheeks.
She didnt move or look back for a second and then very lightly she pushed her bum back. I was in heaven loving this feeling of her bum on my dick. She then leaned back turned her head and smiled at me and wispered she has seen the way I look at her and she secretly likes that, and she said she had been fantasising about me while my brother banged her. I couldnt believe it! Without saying a word I grabbed her bbig boobs on top of the kammez and started massaging them hard and she started to moan in please, I was kissing her neck and biting her neck, I didnt care if she enjoyed it or not, its what I have wanted to do for a long time and I was going to do everything I ever wanted right now with her.
She went down on her knees and undid my zip, pulled my dick out with he hand and said, hai bhagwan yeh kya? Your bhaiya doesnt even have this size cock! I smiled and told her this is your ice cream, she smiled, closed her eyes and put it in her mouth and I was in heaven. Right there in the kitchen my beloved bhabi became my gf. As she was sucking it trying to fit it in her mouth and right then my bhaiya rang her mobile, she said oh shit, I said dont worry, she answered her phone with my dick knob still in her mouth, I heard bhaiya asking if she was ok to which she replied yes she was having ice cream. I was smiling at the clever answer the bitch gave. What a liar.
Who cares my bhabi was loving her devar thats what matters right. My brother hanged up and she stood up wanted to kiss me I moved my mouth and she laughed. I said you dirty bitch and started kissing her neck and sqeezing her boobs hard she took her salwar off but had the kameez still on I told her get down on your knees and suck it more as I had a surprise for her and my dick needs to be very slippery. She looked confused and carried on sucking. Then her mobile rang again but it was her daddy this time, she took my dick out of her mouth now. I was loving it as I was about to bang his daughter and he didnt even know. Before answering then phone I told her bend down on your hands and knees so your ass is up in the air, she did that and answered her phone hello daddy, right then I stuck my finger in her mouth to get it wet went behind her and slowly slid it inside her bum she moaned and her father asked if she ok and she replied yes she sat on something.
As she was talking to her father I was going crazy I took my finger out and moved her kameez to her wait I hold her waist got my dick and put in against her bum hole, it was smelling and I was loving the smell and pushed my point dick in, she could not scream or anything because she was on the phone to her father. It was sooo tight oh my god I loved it. I wanted to punish the for being so dirty and this was the best thing. I pushed it all the way in and she stopped talking to her daddy and her father asked her if she's ok and she said yes. She wasnt facing me so she couldnt tell me to stop haha. I was going in and out of her slowly as she was on the phone, I was playing with her boobs very hard, she was talking to daddy nicely as I was banging her harder and harder, slapping her bum and kissing her hands. She got off the phone and screamed so hard but let me carry on, she said it wasnt hurting anymore and she was loving this, bhiaya never done that to her. I then stopped and ripped her kammez off put her on the kitchn floor and stick in her vagina straight away and started fucking her hard she was pulling my hair sucking my tongue and moaning very lour, I told her quiet otherwise baby will wake up she said she didnt car, she was loving this.
I could feel she was going to come and I was going to come I pushed it all the way inside she was paining and loving the pleasure, I put all my wait on her and lie on top of her kissing her, I told her I love you bhabi, she laughed and said, I'll always remain your bhabi, tum mujhko istara devar ka pyar dete rehna roj. I got up and walked to the bathroom and bhabhi got up couldn’t walk straight, her bum hole was still big as she waled to the stairs I heard the from door, she ran up too and we looked to see who it was, and it was bhaiya with flowers and chocolate to surprise bhabi he came home early. I put my trousers on quickly annd came down and bhabi came down 30 mins later after shower. Bhaiya was surprised to see me there I said to him, I came to see if bhabi was ok on her own and then bhabi said to bhaiya that I gave her very good company. I got up to leave and bhabi was walking slowly to make tea for bhaiya and then he asked her why she walking like that. I just looked at her and winked blowing her secret kiss and she started mumbling, then I said maybe all the ice cream she eating has given her shitting problems and w all laughed.
Now everytime bhaiya is at work bhabi rings me and says devar ji tumahari bhabi ko icecream khana hai, I drop everything and go around to bang her, we bang in everyroom of the house now, in all her holes, her tight big bum, her vagina and her mouth. She loves it everytime. She say bhaiya doesn’t know how to please her anymore, from now on bhaiya will look after her other needs and her devarji will look after her body needs.

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